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Well, this certainly came out of nowhere: Nintendo (specifically, Nintendo Co, Ltd) has grabbed a trademark for “Awazon no Hihou”, which is the subtitle of the Japanese version of the Virtual Boy Wario Land game. In addition, they also trademarked “DS Kondate Zenshuu”, which is the subtitle of the Japan-only Nintendo DS cooking sim Kenkou Ouen Recipe 1000.

The timing is obviously peculiar since E3 is currently going on, but remember that this doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Nintendo registers new trademarks and renews old ones constantly, so don’t take this as a confirmation of a Virtual Boy Virtual Console or something.


Duck Hunt and Hogan’s Alley have received new trademarks from Nintendo in Europe. Both officially entered the database today. It’s unclear if and how they’ll be used, but it’s an interesting find nonetheless.

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Nintendo has officially filed for a trademark for the previously Japan exclusive Miitopia game, according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Previously, there was no word on a western release for the title. While filing for a trademark doesn’t guarantee a release of the title in any form, it could mean that Nintendo is considering bringing the title outside of Japan sometime in the future.

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A new Pokemon-related trademark has been filed in Japan. Nintendo, Creatures Inc., and Game Freak nabbed the name “Pokedaringu”.

At the moment, we can’t say for sure if the trademark will actually be used, and what the final name could be overseas. It could be something along the lines of PokeDaring or PokeDulling.

Also worth noting, this isn’t actually confirmed to be a game. It could even be a merchandise line or even just an item in a game.


Earlier this month, Nintendo registered a new Japanese trademark for the image of the Super Famicom controller. It was officially filed on December 5.

The trademark has Japanese blogs filled to the brim with speculation that it could have something to do with a potential SNES Classic Edition. With the success of the NES Classic Edition, that may not be out of the question. Only time will tell if this is a protective filing or something more.


On Tuesday, Nintendo filed a new trademark application for Eternal Darkness in the United States. It was then officially published yesterday.

This actually isn’t the first time we’ve seen a trademark pertaining to Eternal Darkness. The filing we heard about a few years ago is still in place, though only until the end of the year. When that happens, Nintendo will need to provide a Statement of Use if the company doesn’t want the application will be abandoned. There are also slight differences between the new and old Eternal Darkness trademarks.

You never quite know what you’ll get with these trademarks. This one had a 1B filing, meaning it’s an application based on intent to use. That doesn’t mean Eternal Darkness is getting a sequel though. Nintendo could be looking to protect the name, or could be interested in something like a Virtual Console release.

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Last Thursday, a trademark for Excite Truck was filed on the behalf of Nintendo of America. It then entered the Trademark Reporting and Monitoring System yesterday.

The filing will naturally set off speculation as to what Nintendo could be planning for Excite Truck – be it a re-release, a new game, or something else. On the other hand, the trademark could be for nothing at all. We unfortunately won’t have any way of knowing until something official pops up, if it ever does.

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A new trademark for Wave Race has surfaced in Europe. Nintendo filed for the name today, and it was published with the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Now, before we jump to conclusions, it’s important to note that this doesn’t necessarily mean a new Wave Race game is in the works. It’d certainly be nice, but trademarks aren’t always indicative of upcoming announcements. The trademark could be a protective measure on Nintendo’s part. Only time will tell if there’s any additional meaning here.


Several Level-5 trademarks have popped up in the European trademark database. The new items include
Lady Layton, Inazuma Eleven Ares, Megaton Musashi, Otme Hero, Yo-kai Daijiten, and Yo-kai Watch Geraporhythm.

Level-5 Vision will be taking place later this week, where several announcements will be made. It’s unclear how many of these trademarks will materialize into reveals. We also don’t know how many will be related to Nintendo platforms. At the very least, we’ll hear more about Snack World, which was previously confirmed for 3DS.


Last month, Nintendo of America picked up a new trademark for Donkey Kong Jr with the USPTO. The filing pertains to “Downloadable electronic game programs; downloadable electronic video game software; electronic game programs; electronic game software; video game programs; video game software”.

One interesting note is that, previously, Nintendo used the “Donkey Kong Junior” trademark. This particular one has been shortened to “Jr.”, however.

Will anything actually come from the trademark? Only time will tell!

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