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Fire Emblem Engage has proven to be one of the more mechanically interesting games in the long-running strategy franchise. If you are new to the title – or the entire series – this beginner’s guide will help you better understand how some of the most important mechanics work. This guide is currently up-to-date with the Wave 3 updates, including the Well mechanic, which was added free to the game post-launch. Below we have included timestamps for the major mechanics covered in our video.

Yesterday, Nintendo finally unveiled ten minutes of gameplay from the highly anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom featuring series producer Eiji Aonuma. I am now joined by special guest and Breath of the Wild super fan, Myles, to discuss all the new mechanics, powers, enemies and more found in our newest video. It’s a long one, so strap in!

With only a few days remaining before the day the eShop closes its doors on the 3DS, I wanted to make a video to help folks make a choice on what to grab before the final curtain call.

I decided to tailor my list to the thing I most cherished about the system, its catalogue of Japanese role-playing games. It was with the 3DS that I fell in love with the genre as it became a haven for some of the most generous, polished, classic titles in the genre.

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Remnant: From the Ashes has just landed on Switch, and we took a lot at the port to see how the finished product turned out. Sam discusses the title to see if it holds up on Nintendo’s hybrid handheld. Unfortunately, it seems to be among the Switch ports which leave a lot to be desired.

Here’s some information about the game:

Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe True Arena guide

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe features a mode called The True Arena, and we have a new guide to help you out here plus a quick overview on how to unlock it.

Wave 4 of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass was just released, so Sam and I got together to do a tier list to see if the new tracks stand up to scrutiny.

The Wave 4 DLC included two cups – the Fruit Cup and Boomerang Cup. The former featured four tracks: Amsterdam Drift from Mario Kart Tour, Riverside Park from Mario Kart Super Circuit, DK Summit from Mario Kart Wii, and the brand new course, Yoshi’s Island. The Boomerang Cup also includes four tracks: Bangkok Rush from Mario Kart Tour, Waluigi Stadium from Mario Kart Double Dash, Mario Circuit from Mario Kart DS, and Singapore Speedway from Mario Kart Tour. Birdo returned alongside the new cups, the first roster addition we’ve seen from the Booster Course Pass.

While March may not feature any major Nintendo first-party releases, there are still quite a few Switch games to look forward to.

In a new video we’ve put together, Sam highlights six great looking games that are coming to Switch this month. Things are looking a bit quieter in March, but there are still notable releases with Atelier Ryza 3, Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania, and more.

Here’s the full video:

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Octopath Traveler II guild locations

Now that Octopath Traveler II is here on Switch, we’ve put together a new guide that should come in helpful to find all of the game’s guild locations.

Similar to the first game, Octopath Traveler II provides licenses to outfit your party members with secondary jobs. These jobs allow them to access the abilities of other classes, giving your party more variety when in combat. One way to obtain these licenses is by finding various class guilds spread throughout the world.

The guide below will provide the location for each of the main eight class guilds. We also have a video version at the very end of this post.

GoldenEye 007 recently re-released on Switch, returning after over 25 long years. It’s available now via Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack.

In our latest video, I break down the many, many, many different control styles and ways to play this FPS classic, as well as explain how to reorient the controls to fit more modern sensibilities. We’ve detailed the N64 original control scheme, the Switch Pro Controller’s optimal remapping, and dual analog Joy-Con control methods.

One of the best trailers we saw at the latest Nintendo Direct was a release date trailer for the long awaited Pikmin 4. Resident Pikmin ecologists Sam and I break down every shot from the latest video, seeing what secrets there are to uncover.

You can check out the full video below. It contains theories about the various main objectives, returning mechanics from Pikmin 2, and the zombie horde of red eye Bulborbs.

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