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Dragalia Lost has a new onslaught event arriving soon, but players can enjoy double drops for Advanced Dragon Trials while they wait. Check out the full list of current events going on in Dragalia Lost below:

  • An onslaught event, A Dazzling Defense, starts Nov. 10 at 10 PM PT! Defend your territory from waves of encroaching enemies in this solo-only event. Repel the Dyrenell Empire’s invasion and win peace for New Alberia!
  • A double-drops event for Advanced Dragon Trials started Nov. 8, 10 PM PT. Drops for eligible quests will be doubled on a rotating daily basis!
  • Kamuy’s Trial, Chthonius’s Trial, and Mars’s Trial will become available in Trials of the Mighty in Dragalia Lost on Nov. 9, 10 PM PT. Use teams of specific adventurers to earn materials for unlocking mana spirals from the daily bonus.

Pokemon GO Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl

Pokemon GO is celebrating the release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl with a special event, and Niantic has now shared first details.

Pokemon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region will be appearing more often. Additionally, players can find Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup wearing special Sinnoh-inspired hats in the wild. Avatar items inspired by those same first partner Pokemon will be offered in the shop as well.

Content has rotated forward in Fire Emblem Heroes. Check out what’s happening down below:

  • Use Forma Souls to add Forma units to your army for a limited time after the Hall of Forms event has ended! They’re included in the Forma Soul Packs available in the Shop. Players who participated in the event can get 500 Hero Feathers from the Forma Allies menu.
  • Forging Bonds Revival: Seeds of Fódlan is here! Play the event to earn 10 Divine Codes (Part 2) the first time you clear a map (once per day, up to seven days). Earn rewards like First Summon Tickets to be used in the Seeds of Fódlan summoning event!
  • New Heroes summoning events and corresponding Forging Bonds events are returning as event revivals! This time it’s Seeds of Fódlan. You can choose one 5-Star focus Hero to summon for free and get a Celestial Stone after summoning 40 times in this event.

nintendo california

Nintendo has updated its upcoming maintenance schedule. The Switch Parental Controls app will be seeing some downtime next week, with eShop maintenance planned for the following week.

Here’s the full maintenance schedule at the moment:

Pikmin Bloom Community Day

Much like Pokemon GO, Niantic will be holding Community Days in Pikmin Bloom. The company shared information about what’s planned for the debut event later this month.

First up, Pikmin seedlings in your planter pack will grow at roughly 1.5x the usual speed. Niantic is also planning for fruits to provide twice the usual amount of nectar. Additionally, those who walk 10,000 steps or more will be awarded a special “Community Day Participant” badge. And last but not least, big Flowers will bloom into pansies.

There are some great deals on summoning adventurers/dragons in Dragalia Lost right now. First, a free Hundredfold summon event has gone live for a day, meaning players can perform one hundred summons on a chosen summon showcase for free. Any summon showcase currently featured can be selected to do this but make sure to cash in on it before the promotion leaves on November 4, 2021 at 10:59pm PT. 

The Halloween Fantasia summon showcase is also back in the game, meaning that all of these adventurers/dragons are available to summon for a limited time:

5-star Halloween Melsa (wind/lance)
5-star Halloween Akasha (water/blade)
5-star Halloween Mym (flame/axe)
5-star Halloween Elisanne (light/lance)
4-star Halloween Lowen (flame/staff)
4-star Halloween Odetta (water/sword)
4-star Halloween Althemia (light/staff)
3-star Halloween Edward (light/blade)
5-star Halloween Maritimus (water)
4-star Halloween Silke (light)
This summon showcase will be live until November 10, 2021 at 10:59pm, and more information about some of the featured adventurers is below.

Pokemon Masters EX has added a new seasonal scout for the sync pair of Hilda & Diancie. This 5-star sync pair has Hilda in a special costume, and it will be running at the same time as the Seasonal Tiered Scout.

This Scout will last until December 9, 2021 at 10:59pm PT and more specific information can be viewed below. 

A new Hundredfold Summoning event is on its way to Dragalia Lost, along with a returning Summoning event and more. Here are the full details on what is coming to Dragalia Lost today:

Fire Emblem Heroes Ninja Training

Ninja Training has been announced as the next summoning event for Fire Emblem Heroes. It will feature characters who have donned ninja garb and will be going live later this week.

Igrene: Ninja of Nabata (voiced by Krizia Bajos, art by cuboon), Shinon: Sharptongue Ninja (voiced by Brendan McKian, art by Wada Sachiko), male Corrin: Daylight Ninja Act (voiced by Cam Clarke, art by Hanamura Mai), and female Corrin: Nightfall Ninja Act as a duo (voiced by Marcella Lentz-Pope + Liv Strandere, art by Sencha).

pikmin bloom update 33.4

A first update for Pikmin Bloom has gone live, as Niantic has brought the game up to version 33.4. There’s nothing new in terms of functionality, but the developer has made a few improvements and implemented bug fixes worth mentioning.

Below are the full patch notes for Pikmin Bloom version 33.4:

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