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Disney Infinity

Disney Infinity players can unlock a special lightsaber weapon that can be used with every character. To do so, collect every toy in the game and then head to the Hall of Heroes. It should then be yours!

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We’ve got some financial news for you today, this time from the Disney corner of the market: Disney Interactive’s Disney Infinity game– the Skylanders-inspired toy-based adventure sandbox– is raking in a ton of money, taking company profits from about $9 million at this time last year to $55 million in the last three months of 2013. Here are the full details:

– Disney games division brought in $403 million in revenue
– 38% increase in sales year-over-year
Disney Infinity is the primary driver of this
– Profits are up by $46 million over this time last year
– $9 million in profit in FY3/2013 vs. $55 million in profit in FY3/2014.


Chairman and CEO of Disney Interactive Bob Iger, speaking during an investor call, officially confirmed a sequel for Disney Infinity.

He said:

“On the interactive front there will be new iterations of Infinity. What that game prove to us is the strength of that platform – basically the game-play itself which was great, and the fact that Disney characters, Disney intellectual property could work on that platform, so that’s a big deal. So what’s next of course is, new iterations of that, a 2.0 or 3.0 and mining a broader set of our more popular characters.

Iger wasn’t inclined to reveal any specific details as to what’s in store for Disney Infinity’s sequel. Guess we’ll have to wait for an official announcement!


While it shouldn’t be the least bit surprising, Disney Interactive and Avalanche Software appear to be working on a Disney Infinity sequel.

One job listing spotted on the Disney Careers website seeks game testers for an Avalanche title. The post specifically requests those who have “familiarity with Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Wii U”.

CVG points out that the job listing would likely refer to a brand new game as opposed to additional content for Disney Infinity. And it goes without saying that Disney Interactive would like to capitalize on the strong success of the first entry, and move forward with a sequel.


According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Disney is working on Marvel and Star Wars figurines for Disney Infinity. A timeframe for their release was not provided.

The Wall Street Journal also claims that Disney’s interactive-media unit will be laying off “several hundred people”. You can find more in The Wall Street Journal’s article here.

Disney Infinity continues to sell quite well. In the US last month, the game sold another 550,000 units.

A total of 3 million starter packs have now been sold.

Jimmy Pitaro, president of Disney Interactive, told The New York Times, “We believe we’ve set the stage for Infinity to be an enduring video game platform.”


Disney Infinity executive producer John Vignocchi has tweeted about wanting to see Captain EO supported in the game.

Vignocchi wrote on Twitter yesterday:

Vignocchi is, of course, referring to the 1980s film featuring Michael Jackson. Disney theme parks showcased the science fiction movie through the 1990s, and the attraction returned in 2010 following Jackson’s passing.

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Disney Infinity is currently available on Amazon for $37. The deal will expire within the next hour or when stock runs out. You can place an order here and check out other lightning deals as well (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes upcoming).

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