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Another two DLC packs are now available for One Piece: Unlimited World Red. They are as follows:

Two extra costumes for Chopper
Plus one extra quest called “The Ultimate Remedy”

Fruit Paradise
This Treasure’s Mine
Snowy Mushroom Hunt

Screenshots from the DLC packs can be found above.

Square Enix has released the latest batch of downloadable tracks for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call.

Here’s the full roundup of the game’s latest DLC:


FINAL FANTASY XI?A New Horizon -Tavnazian Archipelago?FMS

Pricing is once again set at 150 yen for each download.

More downloadable content is now available for One Piece: Unlimited World Red. Players can get their hands on the Robin Swimsuit Pack and more quests.

Here’s an overview of the new DLC:

· An extra costume for Robin, a swimsuit with a loose summer top
· Plus one extra quest called “Sky Island Flash”

· Kings of Wildlife: quest for a chance to catch a wide variety of insects
· Legendary Beetle: Straw-Hat & his crew look for a legendary bug, be their ally in this quest
· Lord of the Seas: Luffy & his friends look for the most majestic of all the seas’ beasts… Get your fishing rod going

From July 25, Monster Hunter 4 players in Japan will be able to download 2 new missions with a reward of Uniqlo branded costumes for their characters. The first mission, Uniqlo Endless Challenge, has players fighting Tigrex and will earn them Uniqlo Tickets for the Universe Cosmos sword and Uniqlo armor. In Uniqlo In Search, players are required to take down 12 types of Felynes and Melynx, earning Monqlo Tickets to get the Monqlo Cat Battle and a Monqlo Cat series armor.


Bandai Namco has released new downloadable content for One Piece: Unlimited World Red in Europe.

The new DLC is as follows:

The first DLC of this new batch is “The Golden Bell Tower”, a mission where Luffy and his crew will quest for a massive treasure… or at least a handful of Berrys!

The second DLC (“Nami Swimsuit Pack”) contains a new swimsuit for Nami and a quest called “Hody’s Revenge” where the Straw-Hat crew will fight against the brutal Fishman who is seeking for retaliation once again!

Screenshots of both pieces of DLC can be found in our gallery above.

Source: Bandai Namco PR

In Japan, Square Enix has released four more downloadable tracks and one new character for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call.

Here’s the full roundup of the game’s latest DLC:


Beyond the Wasteland – Final Fantasy VII Advent Children – battle music
Chocobo Theme – Final Fantasy II – field music
Balamb Garden – Final Fantasy VIII – field music
Via Purifico – Final Fantasy X – field music


Final Fantasy VII – Vincent

Pricing is set at 150 yen for each download.

Another two pieces of downloadable content are now available for AeternoBlade.

The first, a swimsuit costume, is available for 99 cents. You can also purchase the Arena Mode for $2, which allows players to take on 20 waves of monsters.

Here’s the official overview of the DLC:

Swimsuit – Super sexy bikini for Freyja! ($0.99)
“Freyja, aren’t you bored with that stuffy armor of yours? Why don’t you try this relaxing bikini?”

Arena Mode – The grand arena for gods. ($1.99)
“If you though the story mode is too easy, why don’t challenge the Arena Mode! You shall face 20 waves of undeniable fearsome monsters. Defeat them and time your best performance.”


Bandai Namco have announced this morning that, to celebrate the release of One Piece Unlimited World Red, a free DLC quest will be going up today on the Nintendo eShop in Europe.

The special quest is known as Red Stands Alone and will see players battling against some of the most familiar and toughest enemies in a completely new setup with a higher difficulty threshold.

Source: Bandai Namco PR