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The free DLC for Canvaleon is finally launching in Europe this week. OXiAB Game Studio shared the news on Twitter, confirming a release date of January 7.

Here’s the relevant tweet:


In Japan, Nintendo is airing a new commercial to promote the latest DLC for Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS. View it below.

Update: Added in footage of the new Mii Fighter costumes.

Now that Cloud has been added to Smash Bros., various gameplay videos of the character action are popping up online. We’ve rounded up some of the footage below.

The latest update for Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS is now live. Players of both titles can now download version 1.1.3.

With the new update, users can purchase Cloud and the Midgar stage. Additionally, Nintendo says “Adjustments have also been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.”

Today’s update on Wii U is 555MB to download. The 3DS version is 3,104 blocks.

Thanks to Brian for the tip.

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Nintendo has passed along a ton of screenshots and art for a bunch of the new Smash Bros. DLC. We have all of the images in the gallery below.

Since Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s release back in February earlier this year, Capcom has graciously gifted fans of the series free DLC, and now the final pack of free DLC for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is here. The November pack offers a bunch of new quests for arenas and Deviljho, as well as new GX armor. You can check out everything Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s final batch of free DLC has to offer in the video below, and don’t forget you can still get all the previous DLC from prior months if you missed out on any.

Two brand new Splatoon weapons are releasing soon, adding to the already large assortment of weapons Splatoon has been getting since launch with each new update. This time the new weapons come in the form of the Custom Range Blaster and the Custom E-litre 3K Scope!

You can check out the brand new weapons in a few screenshots below:


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In Japan, Nintendo has brought out the final piece of content from Fire Emblem Fates’ second round of DLC. You can watch some footage from “Witch’s Trial” below.

Last month, OXiAB Game Studio announced that free downloadable content will be coming to Canvaleon. We now have information as to what players can expect.

Here’s the full rundown from the developer:


You will be able to access this new game mode from the main menu. It consists of mini-levels for the player to learn all the dynamics of the game. In addition, the “SP MISSIONS” will also incluide 10 totally new levels. These new levels will be a challenge for all the players. Furthermore, the “SP MISSIONS” will have its own song, composed by the author of the Canvaleon’s original soundtrack.