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Nintendo has announced that Zelda from Breath of the Wild will be receiving a brand new Nendoroid. The first concept art image can be found above. At this time, a release window has not been confirmed.

Zelda won’t be the only Nendoroid from Breath of the Wild. Link has been featured, as has the Guardian enemy – both are out now.


First 4 Figures has revealed its next project: a brand new statue featuring Mario and Yoshi. Pre-orders will open on the company’s website next week.

We have the following teaser for the statue:

We’ll pass along another note when pre-orders go live.

Funko has announced a new set of Pop figures based on Castlevania characters. Trevor Belmont, Vlad Dracula Tepes, Adrian Tepes, Blue Fangs, and Sypha Belnades will be joining the line in the future.

For now, Funko hasn’t announced a release date for the new Pop figures.


At Wonder Festival 2018 Summer last year, a full scale figure was announced for KOS-MOS based on her appearance in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. An update was provided at Wonder Festival 2019 Winter today.

We now have our first look at the production model for KOS-MOS’ figure above. There’s no coloring yet, but it helps to see what it actually looks like opposed to the teaser image shared last year. Unfortunately, there’s still no word on a release date.



The Nendoroid brand is expanding with a new figure from Okami. Announced at Wonder Festival 2019 today, Amaterasu will soon be joining the line.

A release date has not yet been announced. We also don’t have an actual in-person look yet, as only the teaser image above has been shown.



Last summer, Pikachu entered the Funko Pop line. Next up? A 4-inch vinyl version of Bulbasaur, which will be available on February 27. More Funko Pop Pokemon figures are expected to launch in the future.

That’s not all, as The Pokemon Company has announced a licensing agreement to create “A Day with Pikachu”. Fans can look forward to a brand-new series of 12 Pokemon figures by Funko on

The Pokemon Company says that the figures “will depict the iconic Pokemon Pikachu celebrating a different season or holiday, with one new figure arriving every month. The first figure will release February 13, 2019, and features Pikachu holding a Luck Incense. Each figure will also come with an insert showing a silhouette sneak peek of the Pikachu figures scheduled for release in the coming months.”


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First teased last week, pre-orders have opened for the Meta Ridley statue from First 4 Figures. More information about the product has released as well.

Here’s what’s inside as well as product dimensions:

We finally have an update on the Meta Ridley statue from First 4 Figures, which was last mentioned a year ago. First 4 Figures has put out a teaser, which we have below. It shows off the near-final look of the statue.

Usually these teasers are soon accompanied by pre-orders. If we had to guess, reservations will go live next Friday. We’ll be sure to give you a heads up when that happens.

It’s a blast from the past with First 4 Figures’ latest statue. Straight out of the N64 era, the company is preparing a new product for Conker based on his appearance from the N64 game Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

Here’s a rundown of the different editions:

The new Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Pyra figure has finally released, and has started to reach a number of fans who placed pre-orders. Get a closer look with the unboxing video below.