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Good Job!

Paladin Studios closed Good Job

Paladin Studios, the development company perhaps best known for its work on Good Job, has closed its doors.

The news was shared on its official website. Co-founder and co-CEO Derk de Geus said that the studio “unfortunately failed to land enough work to cover our burn-rate.” In order to avoid insolvency and debt while giving employees proper severance, the decision was made to shut down the company.

Good Job! will be offered as the next Nintendo Switch Online Game Trial in Japan, Nintendo has announced. The full title can be played for free between April 19 and April 25. Save data can be used in the full version.

Additionally, Good Job! will be sold at a discount to promote the offer. It’ll be on sale between April 19 and May 2.

We’ll let you know if Nintendo announces any similar plans for the west. If the Game Trial is only for Japan, anyone can participate with an active Switch Online subscription. You simply need to create a Japanese Nintendo Account and download the trial from the Japanese eShop.


Good Job!

Nintendo has made it a habit of teaming up with smaller studios on different Switch games over the past few years. Snipperclips got the ball rolling for the system’s launch, followed by The Stretchers in late 2019. Good Job!, the latest instance of these partnerships, just released a few months ago.

Nintendo partnered with Paladin Studios on Good Job!, which features a slew of objectives and puzzles to complete across a slew of office-themed levels. Many players have been enamored with the game and we’ve been quite curious about how the project happened, so we caught up with both companies to learn more. Producer Takao Nakano from Nintendo of America, director Masataka Takemoto from Nintendo Co., Ltd., as well as lead producer Robert Abercrombie and game director Coen Neessen from Paladin Studios all shared more about the title’s origins, its art style, how the two sides ended up working together, ideas that were ultimately scrapped, and more.

Here’s our full discussion:

The Nintendo Direct Mini back in March treated fans to a surprise announcement and release. The office-themed puzzler Good Job! was revealed for Switch during the presentation, and then launched on the eShop immediately after.

Good Job! wasn’t actually a project made entirely by Nintendo as Paladin Studios was just as much involved. As part of an interview with Nintendo Everything, the two companies spoke about how they ended up coming together.

Paladin Studios lead producer Robert Abercrombie and Nintendo of America producer Takao Nakano told us:

Hello my lovely Boos and Sheikah! This week on Nintendo Everything Podcast, we muse over Retro Studios’ old concept art for Sheik and Boo projects—we really get excited about the Boo one. We cover the Switch’s growing success with the 2019 financial briefings, then talk Mario Kart Mortal Kombat 11 Aftermath and the bitter reaction online to the pricing structure. This evolves into a larger discussion of these trends in the gaming industry among many publishers. Is the industry incentivizing consumers to wait to buy their games until after all post-launch content is available? And to respond to this situation they’ve created, do they exploit consumers’ dedication to franchises and FOMO? And finally, we theorize how we could’ve saved the console that was met with a terrible fate: the Wii U.
Check our links and timestamps below, and come hang out.

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Hello my mini listeners! This week on the Nintendo Everything Podcast, we celebrate a drop of water in a desert with the Nintendo Direct Mini! Xenoblade, Bravely Default II demo, ARMS in Smash, Good Job!—there were a lot of highlights. And just before then, we’ve got more on why Animal Crossing is the perfect answer to social distancing. If you were ever curious what the first week of New Horizons is like, Mary’s got you covered. Galen also shares the tragic backstory he’s role-playing his Animal Crossing villager with. And the gang discusses a double dose of horror-action with the Resident Evil 3 demo and The Evil Within 2.

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Nintendo may have published Good Job! on the Switch eShop earlier today, but it was actually developed by a different studio. Paladin Studios was behind the new game.

Paladin Studios’ previous works include Momonga Pinball Adventures, Amazing Katamari Damacy, and Stormbound.


Nintendo announced Good Job! for Switch earlier today, and ended up releasing it on the eShop immediately after. View some footage of the game below.


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