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Koei Tecmo

The team over at Koei Tecmo has wrapped up development on Hyrule Warriors. The game is due out in Japan on August 14, and will arrive in North America/Europe about a month later.


Update: Bumped this to the front page. Finally got a working version!

Siliconera posted a new preview for Bayonetta 2 today, revealing details about the game’s second chapter. Read on below for a summary of the report.

– Titled “A Remembrance of Time”
– Takes place in a town
– Fight with an Enrapture at the beginning of the level
– Enraptures can make other Angels go berserk
– This is indicated by an enemy turning red
– When enraged, Angels’ defense and attack are increased
– Enraptures themselves do not go berserk
– Carry two sets of weapons in Bayonetta 2
– Can change them on the fly
– Demo had the option of swords and guns like the E3 demo
– The game has Angels that look like Centaurs
– You can ride them in Bayonetta 2
– Stun a Centuar and then walk up to it for a contextual command that says “Ride”
– Bayonetta jumps on after pressing a button
– The Centaur violently tries to knock Bayonetta off, but kicks other enemies in the process
– Bayonetta finishes her ride by tossing the Centaur which kills it
– The game has hidden black portals; Nintendo won’t comment on what these are
– Demo has a hidden mission where Bayonetta had to fight three Centaurs in a small space
– End of the chapter has you fighting a huge boss that spit poison blobs at Bayonetta
– This boss also had a stomp attack that dishes out serious damage, but it can be easily dodged
– Can use a spear from a fallen Centaur during the fight and the Umbran Climax, a new move that lets Bayonetta use her Wicked Weave hair attacks when her magic gauge is full
– The final blow came from a frog-like familiar that wrapped the boss with its tongue


Siliconera has shared a new round of Hyrule Warriors details pertaining to the recently unveiled character Darunia. You can find a roundup of information from the site’s report below.

– About the same speed as Link
– His attacks appear to have more impact on screen, but since most enemies fall after a few hits it’s unclear how much more damage Darunia does
– Can use a speedy rolling attack in which he bowls enemies up
– Darunia will continue to roll and scoop up more enemies if you keep mashing the attack button
– Darunia can also use a giant hammer with a wide swing
– His special move is an over the head slam
– Demo starts off with Darunia, Link and Impa in the Eldin Volcano which is full of baby Stalfos
– Regular enemies pose little to no threat in Hyrule Warriors; instead you knock out the leader
– In this case, the leader is a larger Stalfos classified as a Keep Guard or a Lizalfos
– After a leader falls, morale for the Hyrulian Army rises and the small fry enemies just wander around
– Darunia had bombs equipped
– These can be used to open a secret path
– The path is obscured by a wall which looked like any other wall inside the volcano
– Breaking it down makes it easier to roll to the next checkpoint
– Main goal in the level is to escort Bombchus to stone spires
– Bombchus automatically move to their destination
– They do stop if they run into a wave of enemies
– After bringing one Bombchu to the right spot Hyrule Warriors played the classic Legend of Zelda puzzle solving chine and the Bombchu detonated
– Another area has you fighting a Poe
– The Poe can teleport out of danger
– You’ll also find a Wizzro enemy
– Wizzro throws a spread of purple orbs
– When you fill the focus meter with Darunia, your attack power goes up and Darunia gets “super armor” since he can’t be hit stunned by enemies
– Focus also changes your special attack into a more powerful move
– Darunia does a little dance at the end
– Sheik shows up and talks about going to Faron Woods
– Darunia has a treasure chest animation where he peeks inside and holds the item towards the sky just like Link
– Weapons like the bombs and boomerang can be powered up by picking up an item drop
– As previously mentioned, the powered up boomerang is the Gale Boomerang
– Throwing this will knock out smaller enemies
– The regular boomerang only stuns enemies
– The bow fires a single arrow that does a small amount of damage
– It is possible to kill a leader by sniping
– The powered up bow is the Light Bow and it shoots five arrows in a spread
– This build won’t be playable at Comic-Con, but attendees can try Midna