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It’s almost time for another weapon update in Splatoon. In just a few hours, Nintendo will be making the Tri-Slosher Nouveau available.

Here’s the news from Nintendo:

You’ll be able to use the Tri-Slosher Nouveau at the following times:

– 6 PM PT
– 9 PM ET
– 2 AM in the UK
– 3 AM in Europe


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Splatoon’s latest update is now available for download. Version 2.4.0 can be obtained by starting up the game or by letting your Wii U download it automatically. 393MB of free space is required for the update.

If you missed yesterday’s post, we’re sharing the patch notes once again. You can read them in full after the break.

A few hours ago, Game Informer published a new interview with Splatoon co-director Yusuke Amano and producer Hisashi Nogami. The developers talked about things like the single-player campaign, why it wouldn’t work well on 3DS, and no plans for voice chat or paid DLC.

A good amount of Amano and Nogami’s can be found below. You can read the full interview over on Game Informer.

A new Splatoon patch is coming tomorrow, Nintendo has announced. Your game will be brought up to version 2.4.0 once downloaded.

Splatoon’s latest update makes updates to matchmaking, Rainmaker, and stages. Some battle fixes have been implemented as well. The full patch notes are posted below.

It’s also worth mentioning that some Splatoon maintenance will be taking place tomorrow. All network services for the game will be affected at the following times:

– 4:50 PM PT – 6 PM PT
– 7:50 PM ET – 9 PM ET
– 12:50 AM in the UK (Friday) – 2 AM in the UK (Friday)
– 1:50 AM in Europe (Friday) – 3 AM in Europe (Friday)

From (approx.) Friday, 18 December 2015 00:50 to Friday, 18 December 2015 02:00.

Nintendo has revealed a pair of new Splatoon maps in a video published to its Japanese YouTube page today. Currently in the works are “Piranha Pit” as well as “Ancho-V Games”. Get a look at both in the video below.

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Nintendo of France shared sales numbers for a variety of titles today. We have figures for Wii U and 3DS games, plus the Animal Crossing amiibo cards.

Lifetime sales of Splatoon in France are now sitting at 280,000 copies. It’s the second most popular game after Mario Kart 8.

Also on Wii U, Super Mario Maker has sold 145,000 units thus far in France. Xenoblade Chronicles X, a game which just launched this month, has already moved 40,000 copies.

Moving on to 3DS, sales for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer are at 220,000 units. New Style Boutique 2 – Fashion Forward has sold 110,000 copies.

Finally, one note about amiibo. Nearly 200,000 packs of Animal Crossing amiibo cards have been purchased by French consumers.


Splatoon has managed to sell over one million copies in Japan. Nintendo announced the news on its blog, confirming the figure is what has been sold to consumers rather than shipped.

In other news, the Squid Sisters will be performing at the finale for Splatoon’s Japanese tournament – Splatoon Koshien 2016 – on January 30. That’ll be held at the following times:

– 12 AM PT
– 3 AM ET
– 8 AM in the UK
– 9 AM in Europe


Splatoon’s latest European Splatfest just concluded about an hour ago. The results are now in, revealing that the team which doesn’t prefer pineapples on pizza prevailed.

Anti-Pineapple gained higher percentages in both votes and wins. Edges in both areas propelled them to a total score of 386, compared to Pro-Pineapple’s 314 points.



Splatoon’s latest European Splatfest has now begun. In this week’s competition, players could either be on a team that likes putting pineapples on pizza, or a team that does not.

Like all Splatfests, this one will last for a full day. The results will be available soon after the event wraps up.


Splatoon hasn’t slowed down with its regular weapon additions. Another one has now been added to the game’s lineup: the Zink Mini Splatling. You can find some footage of the weapon in our post here.


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