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Tetsuya Takahashi

Xenoblade Chronicles X director Tetsuya Takahashi has shared more about the game on the official Japanese Twitter account. He spoke about art designers Takayuki Yanase and Kouichi Mugitani as well as the title’s Dolls.

First, here’s Takahashi on Yanase:

“Mr. Yanase is a well-known designer that has worked on Gundam 00 among other things. The concept for the Dolls in this project was that one single convertible frame be able to transform into several vehicles, so I asked for his help, knowing that he would be able to realize that [concept]. If I recall correctly, I asked for his help around the time that Kotobukiya announced its new plastic model “Frame Arms Series.”

Tetsuya Takahashi has once again taken to the Xenoblade Chronicles X Twitter account and has shared another message about the game.

There’s not too much new here, though Takahashi reiterates that Monolith Soft’s RPG is nearing the end of development. He also mentions that the team managed “to overcome several obstacles as far as game development goes.”

Here’s Takahashi’s message in full:

“This is a continuation of our my previous talk. The development [of Xenoblade Chronicles X] did have its twists and turns, but we were able to finish up (just a little more until it’s complete) Xenoblade Chronicles X in the sci-fi world we aimed for from the beginning in a seamless open-world with online play, and I feel that we were able to overcome several obstacles as far as game development goes.”

“With the vast world that was shown when Iwata-san introduced the game in the Nintendo Direct the other day, it would bring me great pleasure to have you folks get to thoroughly explore it.”


Xenoblade Chronicles X is the first HD game from Monolith Soft. As such, executive producer Tetsuya Takahashi says the game is laying the groundwork for Monolith’s HD development “so as to not overreach ourselves and cause problems.”

Takahashi told EDGE this month:

“Xenoblade Chronicles X is the first HD project for Monolith Soft, so instead of setting a number of hard-to-achieve targets, we are working on steadily building up key skills. Our goal with this game is first to lay the groundwork for [our] HD game development, so as to not overreach ourselves and cause problems.”


Speaking with EDGE this month, Xenoblade Chronicles X executive producer Tetsuya Takahashi discussed how the title will be taking advantage of the GamePad.

“We decided that it would be perfect to use as a navigation device, in the same way that a lot of tablet computers are,” Takahashi said. “We’ve put some important features relating to the game system and your objectives onto the GamePad, so I feel that this should create a very user-friendly experience for players.”

Xenoblade Chronicles X will be coming to Wii U sometime in 2015.

Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii featured a quest log that could quickly become very long and intimidating for some players. For the game’s successor, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Monolith Soft is looking to make “a much more user-friendly experience”.

Executive producer Tetsuya Takahashi told EDGE this month that in the Wii U game, “objectives and relevant people will be displayed on the map.” Monolith Soft is also implementing “a number of other features to help with quests”.