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Ratings for Mega Man Legacy X Collection and Mega Man Legacy X Collection 2 popped up in Australia yesterday. It’s a clear sign that when Capcom brings the Mega Man X games to Switch, there will be two separate collections.

We also can’t forget that the mainline Mega Man titles are heading to Switch. For the original Mega Man Legacy Collections, it seems that this will be a single release.

This week’s European Nintendo Downloads are as follows:

Switch Retail

Bayonetta – €10.00 for purchasers of Bayonetta 2; regularly €29.99 (available February 16)
Bayonetta 2 – €30.00 for purchasers of Bayonetta; regularly €49.99 (available February 16)
The Longest Five Minutes – €39.99 (available February 16)
Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame – €59.99

We finally have an official update on Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn. The game will be launching this spring, and Saber Interactive is teaming up with Wired Productions for a physical release.

Here’s more information about the game:

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is an intense, action-packed beat ‘em up which sees players take on the role of the unstoppable Shaquille O’Neal as he fights his way through the hordes of hell and Hollywood. Master devastating combos, battle outlandish celebrity bosses and take on all comers with an array of weapons, including katanas, shuriken and baseball bats. Channel Shaq’s alter egos, Big Daddy O and Big Diesel, in epic battles in the successor to the worst game ever on a mission to restore Shaq’s legacy.

Below are the latest screenshots:

Saber Interactive also reconfirmed today that those who purchased NBA Playgrounds on Switch prior to June 10, 2017, will receive a free copy of Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn upon release. Also, more information about timing and delivery of rewards for the game’s Indiegogo backers will be shared on the official campaign page.

Source: Saber Interactive PR

This week’s North American Nintendo Downloads are as follows:

Switch Retail

Bayonetta – $29.99 (available February 16)
Bayonetta 2 – $49.99 (available February 16)

* Note: Bayonetta drops to $9.99 if you purchase Bayonetta 2; Bayonetta 2 drops to $29.99 if you purchase Bayonetta ($60 for both)

Subsurface Circular, a highly-regarded title from Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell, is coming to Switch. The game is launching through the eShop on March 1. Pricing is set at $5.99.

Subsurface Circular is a text-based adventure game. For more information about the title, continue on below – trailer included.

Tonight, Nintendo published a bunch of different videos for Nintendo Labo. We also received a ton of new footage. With that, there’s something particularly neat that has been shown with the Toy-Con Motorbike.

You can actually use what Nintendo is calling the Toy-Con Scanner to scan an object and then add that shape to the terrain. This is demonstrated in the video below. You can scan anything – be it a hand or even the Joy-Con itself.

The official Nintendo Labo websites updated today with a bunch of new footage showing off the various games that can be played. We’ve rounded up all of the clips from the Japanese site below (due to the quality being higher).

December was a great month for Mega Man announcements, and Switch owners in particular. Capcom closed its announcement presentation by revealing Mega Man 11. Prior to that, the company confirmed that both Mega Man Legacy Collections will be coming to Switch, and all Mega Man X titles will be released on the system as well.

Ratings from Australia suggest that the Mega Man X games will be brought to Switch as two separate packages. Today, Mega Man X Legacy Collection and Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 were both rated by the official Classification Board.

Nintendo has posted three new trailers for Nintendo Labo on its Japanese YouTube channel. The first servers as a general introduction, while the other two are for the kits specifically. All three videos can be found below.

The latest Japanese hardware sales from Media Create are as follows:

PS4 – 59,691
Switch – 43,404
PS4 Pro – 11,615
New 2DS LL – 6,031
Vita – 4,133
New 3DS LL – 3,581
2DS – 904
Xbox One X – 209
Xbox One – 52

For comparison’s sake, here are the hardware numbers from last week:

PS4 – 86,174
Switch – 49,165
PS4 Pro – 23,113
New 2DS LL – 6,522
Vita – 4,207
New 3DS LL – 3,857
2DS – 1,082
Xbox One X – 565
Xbox One – 72

And here are the software charts:

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