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After The Game Awards last week, IGN spoke with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. One of the topics discussed is Nintendo’s commitment to E3 and why it’s so important.

Speaking about why E3 is a priority for Nintendo, Reggie stated:

ConcernedApe has announced that the long-awaited multiplayer update for Stardew Valley arrives on Switch this week. Version 1.3 will be live on December 12.

When playing with others, Stardew Valley will support online voice chat as well as a new chat box feature that has colored text and close to 200 custom emojis. It’s also possible for 2-4 Switch consoles to connect via local wireless and play together over a short distance without the need for a Nintendo Switch Online account.

Though data isn’t entirely final, early reports indicate that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may have sold somewhere around 1.3 million copies in its first week in Japan. The information appears to come from Morgan Stanley based on Famitsu-recorded numbers.

We should have final data by Wednesday. If Famitsu’s early number holds up, it would be the largest opening ever for a Nintendo published game in Japan outside of the Pokemon series. Additionally, it would be the best debut for a Smash Bros. game yet.

Hello and welcome to the sixth episode of the Nintendo Everything Podcast!

This week we’ve got a ton of news and pop-offs from The Game Awards 2018 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launch, and we have a surprising amount of Dragon Quest discussion across three different games on the Nintendo Switch.

Check out the timestamps below for more info!

Also in this episode, Eric becomes a linguistic maverick who transforms “hyperbole” into “hyper-bowl” and tries to convince Oni to care about Fortnite. Will he succeed?

Microids and Eden Games came out with Gear.Club Unlimited in 2017. Essentially one year later, the two sides have returned once again with a sequel. Unlike its predecessor, Gear.Club Unlimited 2 was made from the ground up for Nintendo’s console and as an exclusive – it has no mobile ties unlike last year’s release.

Shortly before Gear.Club Unlimited 2’s launch, we caught up with lead designer Yannick Berthier. Berthier spoke with us about why the team made its new racer exclusively for Switch and the benefits that allowed for. You can read our full interview below.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is already off to a great start in the UK. Not only has it become the fastest-selling entry in the series of all time, but it’s also the fastest-selling Switch game.

Smash Bros. Ultimate had 302% higher launch sales than Smash Bros. for Wii U. It was also 233% higher than Smash Bros. for 3DS. Comparing it to Smash Bros. Brawl, launch sales were also better here by 62.5%. This is without including digital sales of the Switch title.

Super Smash Bros. originally started out as a game with Nintendo-only characters. However, over the past few entries, we’ve seen more and more third-party representatives.

Speaking with EDGE this month, Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai gave some insight into the process of working with third-parties and getting their characters into the game. Here’s what he shared on that front:

The Game Awards 2018 have come and gone, but not without some big announcements. Nintendo itself had new things to show, as did third-parties.

The biggest announcement of the night may have been the last one. Joker from Persona 5 is Smash Bros. Ultimate’s first true DLC character, which no one really predicted. Nintendo also unveiled the Team Ninja-developed Switch exclusive Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. Other third-party highlights include Mortal Kombat 11, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, and Sayonara Wild Hearts.

How do you feel about everything that was shown? What do you think of Joker as Smash Bros. Ultimate’s first DLC character? Were you disappointed by something you thought could be at the show but wasn’t? Let us know in the comments below.

The next chapter in The Walking Dead: The Final Season has finally emerged, with Skybound Games showing a trailer and release date during the Kinda Funny Games Showcase. Fans can look forward to episode 3 on January 15.

Here’s the new video:


The Messenger is receiving a new Picnic Panic expansion, Devolver Digital and Sabotage announced during the Kinda Funny Games Showcase. The DLC will arrive next year – and it’ll be entirely free.

Here’s a brief overview, along with a trailer: