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Hironobu Sakaguchi asked about a follow-up to The Last Story, has New 3DS interest

the_last_story_s-4 Posted 14 hours ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi held a panel at PAX Prime 2014 today. Sakaguchi mentioned that it would be nice to work on a continuation of The Last Story (or Blue Dragon/Lost Odyssey), although nothing is happening behind the scenes currently.

At one point, Sakaguchi was specifically asked if there’s a chance of a new The Last Story. He responded in English: “Ok, yeah, you talk to Nintendo.” The audience cheered and applauded when the panel’s moderator asked who would like to see a sequel on Wii U, and Sakaguchi again added: “And maybe PlayStation 4 too?”

Sakaguchi may not have been too serious throughout all of this. He was laughing, and could have just been teasing the audience.

Other than The Last Story, Sakaguchi was also asked about which systems he plans on working with. One of his comments stated that Nintendo always keeps people on their toes when it comes to new hardware announcements. Additionally, Sakaguchi is looking forward to the New 3DS and hopes to have a chance to work on the platform.



Amiibo packaging revealed, pre-orders live

91h26R3KIXL._SL1500_ Posted 15 hours ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Update 2: One last bump. Best Buy pre-orders are now open here.

Update: GameStop pre-orders here.

Pre-orders for the Amiibo figures are now starting to go live. All of the characters can be reserved on Amazon right here.. We’ll update this post when other retailers open pre-orders.

We also have a first look at the packaging for Amiibo. Check out the gallery below for all images.


Bayonetta 2 Prima guide cover, details

Posted 22 hours ago
By (@NE_Brian)


Amazon has updated its listing for the Bayonetta 2 Prima guide. You’ll find the cover above and information as to what’s included below.

Collectible Hardcover Guide – includes premium cover treatments and high quality paper.

Find It All – locations revealed for each collectible to help you obtain 100% completion.

Choose Your Weapon – learn the best ways to fight with new over-the-top weapons, including the Kafka, a bow that shoots poisonous arrows; the Rakshasa, a pair of beautiful katana blades; and a giant rifle-inspired scythe known as the Chernobog.

Improve Your Ranking – detailed strategies show you how to improve your ranking to earn Pure Platinum for each chapter.

Hardcover: 288 pages



Sakurai details Shulk’s moves in the new Smash Bros.

Posted 22 hours ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Masahiro Sakurai took to Miiverse earlier today and shed a little more light on Shulk’s moves in the new Smash Bros. Continue on below for his full comments.


Shulk’s sword, the Monado, slashes enemies with a beam when activated, so it can strike from long range. What really makes this weapon unique is that when the Monado Arts are activated, it can change Shulk’s features and abilities! Emerge victorious in battle by changing your abilities strategically!!


[List of Monado Arts]
翔 (Jump): higher jumps, lower defense.
疾 (Speed): faster movement, weaker attacks.
盾(Shield): higher defense, slower movement.
斬(Buster): stronger attacks, weaker launch ability.
撃(Smash): Stronger launch ability, weaker attacks, lower defense against launching.


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