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Fire Emblem Heroes has added a new set of quests, the Helping Hand Quests. These will reward you with shards and crystals for leveling Heroes, and they will run until April 5. The first round of the quest has eight task, each rewarding 1,500 Universal Shards. These require you to defeat 5 enemies with each of the character types: Red, Blue, Green, Colorless, Infantry, Cavalry, Flier, and Armored.

Square-Enix has announced the Seiken Densetsu Collection for the Nintendo Switch. The collection will include Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden (also known as Final Fantasy Adventure or Mystic Quest), Seiken Densetsu 2 (also known as Secret of Mana), and Seiken Densetsu 3. It will launch June 1 in Japan, both physically and digitally, for 4,800 yen (about $42). The latter two games will support multiplayer for up to three players. A trailer is below:


Pokémon Shuffle’s weekly update has arrived, with the highlight being a safari that features some unique Pikachu. The safari will let you catch two Pikachu, Kimono Boy and Kimono Girl, along with Krabby, Kingler, Goldeen, Seaking, Plusle, and Minun. There is also a new stage for Hydreigon, as well as repeat runs for Reshiram and Black Kyruem. The Hydreigon stage will run until March 28, while the other stages will run until April 4.


European Switch users have gotten a news item about amiibo, which, as Nintendaan points out, notes that amiibo will be compatible with Splatoon 2. The tweet is below:

Since amiibo were compatible with the original Splatoon, it seemed reasonable for them to return in the sequel, though we don’t know how they’ll be used. Splatoon fans will probably want to keep their Inklings on hand.


To prepare Switch owners for the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire, a news notice has been sent out that fully explains the game’s controls. You can see the overview above.

Splatoon 2 Global Testfire kicks off on Friday, and will carry on through the weekend. To recap, events will be held at the following times:

March 24

• 12-12:59 PM PT / 3-3:59 PM ET / 7-7:59 PM in the UK / 8-8:59 PM in Europe

• 8-8:59 PM PT / 11-11:59 PM ET / 3-3:59 AM in the UK (March 25) / 4-4:59 AM in Europe (March 25)

March 25

• 4-4:59 AM PT / 7-7:59 AM ET / 11-11:59 AM in the UK / 12-12:59 PM in Europe

• 12-12:59 PM PT / 3-3:59 PM ET / 7-7:59 PM in the UK / 8-8:59 PM in Europe

• 8-8:59 PM PT / 11-11:59 PM ET / 4-4:59 AM in the UK (March 26) / 5-5:59 AM in Europe (March 26)

March 26

• 4-4:59 AM PT / 7-7:59 AM ET / 12-12:59 PM in the UK / 1-1:59 PM in Europe


The only video we have for The Great Ace Attorney 2 is the announcement trailer from September. Next month, Capcom will be showing something much more substantial.

Producer Motohide Eshiro and director Takeshi Yamazaki along with Japanese voice actors Takayuki Kondo (Phoenix Wright) and KENN (Apollo Justice) will be appearing during a 15th anniversary live stream on Niconico. The event will feature a trip down memory lane exploring the series’ history, a general talk show about the franchise, fan questions, popularity poll results, and the first in-game footage of The Great Ace Attorney 2.

The live stream will take place on April 17 at the following times:

– 5 AM PT
– 8 AM ET
– 1 PM in the UK
– 2 PM in Europe

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Atlus has just gone live with a teaser site for what looks to be a new Radiant Historia game. Access it here.

Obviously the URL is pointing to the site being related to Radiant Historia. Other than that, a message reads: “In the near future, a history once told will unfold again. And an unknown path will come to be known.” More information will be shared in this week’s Famitsu.

While we’re generally against posting news without platforms having been confirmed, many of you know that Radiant Historia was a DS game. Hopefully Atlus will bring whatever this is to Nintendo platforms – be it Switch and / or 3DS.

Bandai Namco uploaded a second trailer for its Japanese 3DS game Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X today. We have it below.

Syberia 3 footage

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A few minutes of footage has popped up for Syberia 3, which is on track to come to Switch in the future. View the video below.

There’s a bit of new Yooka-Laylee footage available to watch on YouTube. You can find them all below.

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