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Dragon Quest VIII

Dragon Quest VIII’s North American site was in a teaser state before, but it’s now fully opened. Access it here. The site has detailed gameplay information, clips, and screenshots galore.

Two months ago we covered that early pre-orders of Dragon Quest VIII at the official Nintendo UK Store would get us a free poster, but it seems that the deal has changed for the better.

Nintendo UK’s official Twitter account has just posted that pre-ordering Dragon Quest VIII at the Nintendo UK Store will get us a poster and a Liquid Metal Slime keychain. Now that the deal is better, all UK gamers should pre-order it before Dragon Quest VIII launches on the 20th January, just 9 days away.


An hour of Dragon Quest VIII footage

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A short while ago, GameXplain wrapped up a live stream for Dragon Quest VIII. For the full recording with an hour of gameplay, watch the video below.

Nintendo prepared a brief new Dragon Quest VIII to promote the RPG’s upcoming launch on January 20. View it below.

Two more English videos have popped up for Dragon Quest VIII ahead of its western launch later this month. Find both of them below.

Dragon Quest VIII can now be pre-loaded from the North American 3DS eShop. It’s a meaty game, requiring 24,413 blocks. This amounts to 3051.625 MB (about 3 GB).

Dragon Quest VIII launches on January 20. If you pre-load, you can download most of the data ahead of time. Then when it officially releases on the eShop, you’ll only need a small update to begin playing.

Dragon Quest VIII English footage

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YouTube user Rurikhan is providing new English footage from Dragon Quest VIII. Take a look at 12 minutes of gameplay below.

Nintendo has opened the North American teaser site for Dragon Quest VIII. To access it, visit the page here. The site currently has a trailer some screenshots, and details. It will be properly updated within the next few weeks.

Dragon Quest VIII website updated

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Dragon Quest VIII is only about a month away from its release in the West, and Nintendo of Europe has just updated the game’s website. There, you’ll find some new screenshots along with some updated info about the game’s story, changes to the 3DS version compared to the PS2 original, details on the game’s combat system and other gameplay features such as item mixing, and more.


UK Dragon Quest VIII commercial

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Nintendo UK has come out with a new commercial for Dragon Quest VIII which highlights new features included in the 3DS RPG. Have a look at it below.

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