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Nintendo has pushed out a new update for Yo-kai Watch in North America. Version 1.2 is now available. After applying the update, it will be possible to play in Spanish or French by setting the system language to the respective language.


Yo-Kai Sangokushi commercial

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Level-5 has published a new commercial for Yo-Kai Sangokushi. Check it out below.

European Yo-kai Watch boxart

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Following today’s release date announced, Nintendo has revealed the European Yo-kai Watch boxart. We’ve posted it above.


Nintendo has just announced that Yo-Kai Watch will be released in Europe on April 29th. With this, the game will finally be available in all regions.

If you’re in Europe and just can’t wait two more months, you can actually just import the game from Australia. Yo-Kai Watch was released there last year and Europe and Australia are part of the same region as far as games are concerned, so the 3DS’ region lock won’t affect it.


The Yo-kai Watch anime now has a final premiere date in the UK. Cartoon Network will begin airing episodes on April 22, the series’ Twitter account confirms.

Here’s the tweet in full:


Earlier today, Level-5 published the first Yo-kai Sangokushi trailer. It not only showed the game in proper video form for the first time, but it also contained another nugget of information.

Yo-Kai Sangokushi will offer both online and local multiplayer. Up to four players will be able to participate in battles.


Yo-kai Sangokushi first trailer

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Yo-kai Sangokushi, a spin-off strategy game in the Yo-kai Watch series, has gotten its first trailer. The game is currently set to release in Japan on April 2nd. The trailer can be seen below.

Source, via

This month’s issue of CoroCoro has an update on Yo-kai Watch 3. While there aren’t any concrete gameplay, we do know of a bunch of additional Yo-kai that will be featured.

CoroCoro reveals the following characters:

Annojo – Rank C
Bonkotsu – Rank E
Chichikashikarai – Rank E
Chotenku – Rank S
Columbus – Legend
Edison – Legend
Jikokenou – Rank C
Kakusan – Rank C
Kappaa – Rank B
Kirisugirisu – Rank B
Kuchisuberashi – Rank E
Matenou – Rank S
Namanamahage – Rank S,
Nandenan – Rank E
Okurairi – Rank C
Oreryu – Rank A
Seidenki – Rank B
Taikomochi – Rank E,
Taraimawashi – Rank D

Scans of these Yo-kai can be found in the gallery below.


The Play Nintendo YouTube account just published another video to promote Yo-kai Watch. View the “Roughraff Yard Work” clip below.

Level-5 has issued the first screenshots and art from Yo-kai Sangokushi. We’ve rounded up today’s images in the gallery below.

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