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The raid event revival for Princess Connect! Re: Dive: A Voracious Visitor is live now in Dragalia Lost. Additionally, the log-in bonus to coincide with this event is also running now. Both of these events will last until January 30, 2021 at 9:59pm PT. 

Get the full details below:

The preload for Pokemon Legends: Arceus is now live on Switch, and can be downloaded from the eShop by any player that has pre-ordered the game. The file size for the game is 6GB, and it will be available for pre-load up until its release date of January 28, 2022.

Anyone that downloads the game digitally from now until March will receive an in-game code for for 30 Heavy Balls.


Pokemon Masters EX has started a new segment of Legendary Adventures called Give and Take. This allows players to team up with Professor Sycamore & Xerneas to take on exclusive battles that reward custom vouchers and power ups. This is a permanent addition to Legendary Adventures and will not end after a certain time.

Also live now is a 5-star guaranteed Sinnoh Special Scout. This Scout only includes sync pairs from the Sinnoh region, and the Sync Pair Scout x11 guarantees a 5-star sync pair. This will run alongside the Main Story Villain Arc: Sinnoh chapter until February 27 9:59pm PT, and more specific details can be read below.

Fire Emblem Heroes

A new Fire Emblem Heroes update is out now (version 6.1.1) on Android and iOS. This is a minor update that just addresses a few known bugs. The exact issues are not listed, but here are the official patch notes:

Version 6.1.1 – January 13, 2022
Issues have been addressed.

Pokemon Masters EX has added some new story content by including the Sinnoh chapter in the Villain Arc. This follows Cyrus and Team Galactic and their activities on Pasio. This new story coincides with the Villain event: Dreams of the Void where players can face off against Team Galactic. This event will run until February 27, 2022. 

Also live now is the Poke Fair Scout for Lucas. This gives players a 10% chance of scouting the poke fair-exclusive sync pair of Lucas and Dialga. This scout will also be live until February 27, 2022

Quite a few content updates have gone live in Dragalia Lost, including an Epilogue for Celestial Showdown, a new Gala Dragalia Remix, and the Fortune’s Fray Coliseum revival event. Information about each of these events, including start and end time and exclusive additions, are listed below.

The first Community Day of 2022 has been set for Pikmin Bloom, and this one will be on January 22. This is a Saturday, and the event will run the entire day in your respected timezone.

Playing on this day rewards quite a few exclusive perks, and a full list of what to expect is given below.

A new My Hero Academia game is coming to Switch, and this one is going to be free-to-play. This game is called My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble, and it will be a 24-player multiplier battle royale.

This information comes from a user on Twitter (Atsushi101X), who took a picture of the latest issue of of Weekly Jump.

A new puzzle game featuring Hatsune Miku has been announced by Crypton Future Media. This game is called Hatsune Miku: Tsunageru Puzzle Tamagotori, and there aren’t many details past that name yet. 

The few details included in the announcement are that the artist Choke is associated with the game, and the main visual by Choke has been released (and can be seen above). More details are sure to come out in the future regarding this title.

EDIT: The game is coming to the Switch in Japan on January 27, 2022. More information will be give out by publisher Crypton Future Media every day until release.

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PlatinumGames has appointed a new CEO after Kenichi Sato stepped down from the position in December. Sato was the CEO of PlatinumGames from 2016-2021, but he is now an advisor on the board rather than the head of the company.

Atshushi Inaba is now the studio head, and he has been with the company since its inception. Additionally, he has served as the vice president for some time now, but is now being elevated to the CEO.

A letter written by Inaba has been released alongside this announcement, and it can be read in its entirety below.

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