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The onslaught event The Great Dragonyule Offensive is live now in Dragalia Lost. This event has players facing off against hoards of attacking enemies that become more fearsome as the difficulty increases. Master difficulty even includes Astral High Jupiter Assault as an EX quest, which pits players against the formidable foe Astral High Jupiter. 

Rewards for completing these quests include water tomes and shadow tomes, as well as items that restore stamina as glory rewards. Additionally, players receive a special bonus for logging in during this event:

A Prize Showcase featuring the new 5-star adventurer Dragonyule Ilia is live now. This Prize Showcase features this new character as well as the returning adventurer 5-star Dragonyule Nevin (wind/dagger).

In this Showcase, each summon will grant players a prize alongside their summon result. The prizes range from: platinum prize, gold prize, silver prize, bronze prize, fifth prize, and sixth prize.

For more specifics about these prizes and the featured adventurers, check out the information below. The prize Showcase will last until December 14, 2021 at 9:59pm PT.

An Egg event for Eclectic and Physic type Pokemon has gone live in Pokemon Masters EX. This allows players to receive an Egg from Professor Bellis that will hatch into either a Physic type Pokemon or an Electric type.

The Pokemon hatchable from these Eggs are:

  • Pichu (shiny possible)
  • Elekid (shiny possible)
  • Abra (shiny possible)
  • Voltorb
  • Exeggcute

These Eggs can be hatched from the incubator, and there is also a limited time incubator that is in Bellis’s lab during this event. Players have a better chance of receiving Eggs if they take on event battles using specific featured sync pairs.

The specific featured sync pairs are included below and the Electric and Physic type Egg event will last until December 16, 2021 at 9:59pm PT.

Dusk Diver 2 has received some new gameplay in trailers for the characters Yumo and Leo. Both of these trailers showcase the characters during combat and are about one and a half minutes each.

This fast-paced fighting can be viewed in these linked trailers below.


Dusk Diver 2 launches for Switch on February 24, 2021. 

A new update is out now for Shin Megami Tensei V and this one adds quite a few new features. Included in this update is the ability to change camera angles in the field, adjust screen brightness, and tweaks to jumping in Demon King’s Castle: 3rd Stratum. These features come alongside some bug fixes as well.

For all the details, the official patch notes detail exactly what was added.

Pikmin Bloom downloads

A new software update has been released for Pikmin Bloom on mobile devices. The version number for this update is 33.4, and it will require 52.23MB to download.

This update was released specifically to address an issue where Android devices were having delayed notifications. This can be seen in the official patch notes. 

Nintendo has released more footage for Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain in an article interviewing the developers. This footage includes several minigames as well as the introduction to the game.

These mini games include: a game called “Shift” where players have to match shapes with their silhouette, a game called “Heavy” where players have to determine which object is heavier on a scale, and a game called “Balloon” where players have to pop number balloons in order.

The second Community Day event has been announced for Pikmin Bloom, and it will take place on December 18, 2021. This was shared via the official Pikmin Bloom Twitter account in a promotional video.

A new Extreme Battle event is live now in Pokemon Masters EX, this one called Light Up the Dark. In this event, players face off against Gladion and his Crobat. Using sync pairs with specific region themes will grant bonuses for Attack, Defense, Sp. Attack, and Sp. Defense. Light Up the Dark will last until December 15, 2021.

There is also a 5-star Special Scout going on right now. This Scout allows players to select a 5-star sync pair after scouting the initial 11. The 5-star Special Scout is also running until December 15 and more specific information about it can be viewed below.

A new update (version 1.11) has come out for Super Robot Wars 30. This update brings some bug fixes and improved stability, as well as an option to change the protagonist’s name.

The full patch notes and more game details are included below.

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