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A Pokemon Shuffle patch is now live directly from the 3DS eShop.

The patch will require you to re-download the software and will use 686 blocks to do so. You will then have to check-in to re-download the Event stages, which will then allow the patch to be complete.




Nintendo of Japan has launched a Flipnote Studio 3D YouTube channel.

Check out some of the videos below:

If you haven’t already cashed in all your stars, you can now get The Legend of Zelda: A LInk Between Worlds soundtrack. Previously out of stock on Club Nintendo Europe, it is currently back in stock so get it while you can as supplies are sure to be limited.

With the upcoming end to Club Nintendo don’t get left with any unused stars!



Update: Translations:

In between judging turf battles, you can find Judd sleeping around the entrance to the tower in the Plaza.
Cats sleep so much that there’s a theory that their [Japanese] name derives from ‘sleeping child’.
They say that the older the cat, the more they sleep, but just how old is Judd?
He seems like he’s got a very relaxed way of sleeping.

One of our field researchers sent us a video of Judd sleeping.
Our image division has recently been focused on video, it seems.
It’s been bothering me for a while, but Judd has an oddly shaped tail.
Speaking of, I’ve heard that a cat’s tail will split in two as they get older and they will become a ghoul [specifically, a ‘youkai’ in Japanese].
You don’t think…

Today we find ourselves getting not only an image for Splatoon but another snippet from the game as well!

Source 1, Source 2

More: ,

Aperion Cyberstorm is a 2D open world twin-stick shooter where up to five players explore and decimate enemies across massive free roam maps.

Cyberstorm expands on the mechanics of the first game, Aperion Origins, providing hours of entertainment and varied challenges.

Aperion will be released this spring.

This weekend will bring us the second round of location tests for the upcoming arcade game Pokken Tournament.

The tests will be conducted in this weekend on March 7-8 and the locations are as follows:

– Sega Ikebukaru Gigo in Tokyo

– Tokyo Leisureland Akihabara

– Taito Station Shinjuku South Exit Game World Store

– Round One Stadium Sennichimae Store in Osaka

Source1, Source2


Today’s Splatoon image also brings us a quick snippet of gameplay. Check out the video below.


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Last week’s episode of Denjin Getcha, a live show broadcast on Nico Nico had Hasegawa Hitoshi from Kadokawa Games present. During the episode they featured quite a bit from the Wii U version of Eodea: The Sky Soldier as well as a minor snippet from the 3DS version. Check out the video above for some actual gameplay!


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