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Soraya Saga, the wife of Monolith Soft founder Tetsuya Takahashi, has retweeted the news about next week’s Nintendo Switch Presentation and related events. It could be a sign that the rumored Xenoblade Chronicles X Switch port or new project could be shown at the event.

Saga’s done this a few times in the past. After she retweeted Nintendo Direct news in both 2013 and 2014, Xenoblade Chronicles X was featured in both broadcasts. Here’s hoping that this latest retweet will result in something tangible as well.

Earlier this week, snakebyte announced a few accessories for Switch. Hyperkin has now announced its own line of accessories for the platform.

Hyperkin’s offerings include a 5 ft. USB Type-C charging cable, a USB-C AC adapter with a 4 ft. cable, a car charger adapter for the console that has a 5 ft. cable. On top of that, a screen protector, hard shell carrying case, and travel bag with padded storage are in the works.

Here’s a look at the different accessories:



Just as Nintendo did with its Japanese equivalent earlier today, the North American Switch website has been updated. It’s now promoting the presentation, Treehouse Live, and hands-on events. Get a look at the site here.

Nintendo is bringing back Treehouse Live next week following Switch’s reveal. During the broadcast, taking place on January 13, fans can tune in to get a look at upcoming titles for Nintendo’s new system. Games featured during the Nintendo Switch Presentation will be shown.

The stream will be held on both YouTube and Twitch. It’ll begin at the following times:

– 6:30 AM PT
– 9:30 AM ET
– 2:30 PM in the UK
– 3:30 PM in Europe



Nintendo UK has sent out a short announcement about next week’s Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017. As previously mentioned, it’ll kick off at 8 PM PT / 11 PM ET on January 12, which is 4 AM in the UK / 5 AM in Europe on January 13.

Nintendo says that the live stream will be broadcast in Japanese, though with English voiceover. Additionally, “key announcements” will be shared on the Nintendo UK Twitter account. Nintendo of America will almost certainly be doing the same.

A live stream is already in place on Nintendo’s Japanese YouTube channel. You should be able to watch it on the official Switch site as well. Nintendo of America will likely be streaming on Twitch and YouTube. 

Source: Nintendo PR


In December, Nintendo offered its UK fans an opportunity to go hands-on with Switch. After receiving an email, they’d simply need to visit a certain page to be entered into a lottery.

Those who happened to be selected are now starting to receive follow-up emails from Nintendo. If you’ve won, you should be able to play Switch on either January 14 or January 15.



Tom Phillips of Eurogamer has come forward with another report on the Switch, following numerous reports of his that turned out to be correct. Today, he talked about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s release date – or release dates, rather. According to his sources, Breath of the Wild will launch in March in both North America and Japan, but the situation in Europe is still unclear. Supposedly, Nintendo of Europe was operating under the assumption that the game would not launch in March alongside the Switch itself and was pushing for a long period of localisation and quality assurance.

However, plans supposedly changed at some point during the last couple of months, and the higher-ups in at Nintendo in Japan wanted to make the Switch launch lineup as strong as possible, and thus decided to make Breath of the Wild a launch title in both North America and Japan.

The Switch event is fast approaching, and Nintendo has started getting ready with a streaming site and an official Twitter for the event. You can check out the site here and the Twitter account here. The Twitter will include updates on wait times for booths and ticket availability.

Liam Robertson often digs up news on cancelled games and occasionally information on upcoming projects. In a series of Twitter posts, Robertson shares unconfirmed details about the Mario and Rabbids crossover title (thought to be called Rabbids Kingdom Battle) apparently planned for Switch.

Nintendo released yet another Zelda: Breath of the Wild screenshot today, and the folks over at GameXplain noticed something interesting about the image. In the lower left hand corner, a character is shown that looks a whole lot like Beedle.

For one thing, the bag takes on the resemblance of an actual beetle. If that wasn’t enough, the character takes on a similar appearance as Beedle himself from past entries in the series with the color of his hair, shorts, and shoes. The art on the character’s shorts seems similar as well.

Beedle is a merchant in several of the Zelda games, such as Wind Waker and Skyward Sword. It would make sense for him to serve a similar role in Breath of the Wild.