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Today’s ARMS Twitter update is definitely a bit unusual. Instead of a content update on the game, the Twitter account released this pdf file – a template which you can use to make your very own origami version of Biff, the ARMS commentator. If you need help or just want to take a look at the finished product, check out this gif:



Nintendo is back with the continuation of the Squid Sisters Stories for Splatoon 2. This new initiative intends to tell the tale of Callie and Marie following the final Splatfest.

Read up on the fifth chapter in the story below. For previous entries, head on over here.

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Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition has now launched on Switch, and a new video has been issued in celebration. Check it out for yourself below.

In Game Informer’s latest episode of the GI Show, the voice actor behind Princess Zelda from Breath of the Wild, Patricia Summersett, is interviewed about her experience voicing the character.

While nothing new related to the game is revealed, it’s nonetheless worth listening to if you’re interested in hearing how the voice of the current incarnation of Princess Zelda was chosen. The segment featuring the interview starts at 1:30:45 in the video below.

System3 is introducing two more “undesirable characters” to be included in its soon-to-be-released Switch game Constructor.

First up is the Thug, “a character that gets a job done, and the chap you need to cause some real havoc when you need some muscle.” We’re also introduced to he Ghost, who “doesn’t mess around, terrorizing tenants in your developments when you need to move them on as quickly as possible.”

Takfloyd, a Reddit user, posted that they found a incredible small detail put into the soundtrack for Breath of the Wild. They found out you can hear the morse code for the SOS distress signal when you land on the Divine Beasts for the first time.

Takfloyd wrote:

“I was listening to the soundtrack and spotted this in the first phase of Vah Medoh’s theme, then went back and paid closer attention to the other three Divine Beast background themes and indeed – one of the audio channels beeps out S.O.S. in all of them, until you activate the first terminal and the music changes. In the case of the other three beasts it’s harder to spot because the opposite channel plays a different set of beeps, but it’s unmistakably there. I thought that was interesting.”

You can hear the SOS distress signal for yourself in the first video below, coming in at around 15 seconds. We’ve also included the music for the other Divine Beasts.

Following the Nintendo Switch Presentation in January, Bandai Namco announced three games for Switch. These included new entries in the Tales of and Taiko Drum Master franchises as well as Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

We haven’t heard about any of these titles since they were originally mentioned in January. However, in its latest financial report, all three surfaced once again. Additionally, while not absolutely confirmed, it seems as though they’re all planned for the coming fiscal year.

It’s unclear which Tales of and Taiko Drum Master games Switch will be receiving. Hopefully it won’t be too long until Bandai Namco provides official details.


SEGA released brand new footage of Sonic Mania today featuring Knuckles the Echidna gliding and climbing through Flying Battery Zone Act 1. View the gameplay below.

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will take just slightly longer than expected to arrive on the eShop. Rather than this morning / afternoon, it’s launching rather late at night.

The official release timing is below:

– 6 PM PT
– 9 PM ET
– 2 AM in the UK
– 3 AM in Europe


Now that its plans are known, Nintendo opened the official site for E3 2017. It currently recaps the various activities planned for the show. When E3 actually begins, you can count on it being updated with plenty of content. Access the site here.