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A big batch of classic Nintendo Switch Online games were just added with Urban Champion, Golf, Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Mach Rider, The Mystery of Atlantis, and Cobra Triangle.

All of these titles were originally made for the NES. Along with some published by Nintendo, we’ve got some third-party inclusions as well.

Here’s some information about each one:

Today, we’re listing all the locations for the Old Clockworks Gems in Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD. If you missed out on our previous guide on the Haunted Towers gem locations, you can catch up via this link first.

The Old Clockworks is the third mansion found in Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, and its gems take the form of Rubies. As with the previous collectibles, many of these can only be obtained during specific missions, and we’ve listed the level in question for each of the gems we’ve included here.

The fun isn’t over with Suika Game, and new summer skin set DLC was just made available for the game.

The Fireworks Display, Summer Holiday, Sunset Beach, and Sunflower Farm skins are all included here. With the last three, you’ll get eight interchangeable fruit parts, new designs for Poppy and boxes, and a new skin. The Fireworks Display features 14 interchangeable fruit parts, new designs for Poppy and boxes, animated fireworks display background skin, special game start screen, animated fireworks effect where fireworks burst in the night sky every time fruits are merged, and a special background music inspired by summer festivals and unique sound effects that play whenever fruits are merged.

After an original digital appearance, a physical release is happening for Everdream Valley. This one comes from Mooneaters, Untold Tales, and Varsaw Game Studios. A release window has not been provided.

Additionally, it looks like we’ll only be getting a standard version – at least for now. There’s been no word on any specifical editions.

A new Recollection Collection sale just started up on the Switch eShop. Nintendo is missing here, but system owners can save on around 50 different pieces of content from third-parties. 

The full lineup is as follows:


Nintendo released a new video today showcasing a few European digital game highlights from June 2024. Some of the highlighted titles include Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD, Monster Hunter Stories, and Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance

Here’s the new video:

A new trailer has been released for party-based RPG Worlds of Aria. The game was first revealed last year for the system and is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2024.

Refresh your memory about the game and check out the new trailer below:

A man in the UK has been sentenced to four months in prison after being found in possession of a small replica of the Master Sword whilst out in public.

June 4: Today, publisher confirmed that Magical Delicacy will be released on Switch. It’s due out on July 16, 2024.

Magical Delicacy is a Metroidvania-lite meets cooking game from solo-developer sKaule. The wholesome adventure title, which features pixel art graphics, has players taking on the role of Flora who’s looking to become a fully-fledged witch and ends up in Grat, a town that isn’t as simple as it seems.

Further details can be found in the following overview:

In just one hour, Tiny Garden was funded on Kickstarter. That means the game can fully move forward with production after publishers turned the project down. We don’t have any news about a release window, but expect to see it on Switch down the road.

The target for Tiny Garden on Kickstarter was a modest €5,000, which certainly makes it easier to reach its goal. Still, the fact that it was met so quickly says a lot. Fans have actually raised over €8,000 so far with a month remaining in the campaign. 

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