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GoldenEye 007 details

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– 5 Wii remote pointer presents available as well as a custom one
– Can change dead zone, turning speed, other settings in advanced options
– Deadmau5 + Kaskade in Barcelona Dance Club level, “I Remember” from DJ Hero 2
– Activision will soon have a reveal on the main theme for the official soundtrack
– Beginners control option which features Wiimote/nunchuck, no pointer, auto-aiming, side step with A
– In multiplayer, each players chooses a method and can then customize
– Not able to modify pointer settings like dead zone from single mode configuration
– Wii remote pointer control setup:
Crouch with C
Run with A
– to reload
+ to use grenades or Oddjob hat
Z for precise aiming
1 to pause
2 for multiplayer status
Change weapons with d-pad/smartphone
Shake the nunchuck for melee and stealth moves



LOS ANGELES, Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ — Square Enix, Inc., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX® interactive entertainment products in North America, announced today that KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded for Nintendo DS™ will be available at North American retailers on January 11, 2011.

The latest installment in the KINGDOM HEARTS saga, KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded takes the exhilarating gameplay system the series is known for and adds some innovative new twists. Players can now dive into a new character growth system and enjoy an assortment of battle styles ranging from side-scrolling to shooting all in one gaming experience. Additionally, KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded includes the Avatar Menu, which utilizes the Nintendo DS Tag Mode capabilities, allowing players to trade customizable avatar profiles and playable maps with their friends. Each floor map acquired adds to the player’s unique System Sector, which can be explored for items, experience points and even a friend’s avatar items!

– Wii remote and MotionPlus combined
– ¥3,800
– Costs the same amount as the current Wiimote
– Will be available in Shiro (white), Kuro (black), Ao (blue), Pink (pink) and Aka (red)
– Wii pack-in controller to be replaced with Wii Remote Plus
– Wii Sports Resort bundle comes with Wii Remote Plus, will cost ¥5,800
– Red colored nunchuck releasing on the same day as well

Thanks to Thomas N for the last few tips!

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Nintendo will release the special Pokemon Black/White DSi systems on November 20 for ¥19,800. Each product will come with either Pokemon Black or White.


The special Wii console will be released in Japan on November 11 for ¥20,000. The following will be inside the packaging:

Wii System (Red)
Wiimote Plus (Red)
Wiimote Jacket (Red)
Nunchuck (Red)
AC Adapter
Wii Stand
Wii Sensor Bar
Two Batteries
Wii AV Cable
Wii Stand Support Plate
Wii Sensor Stand
Wii Cleaning Cloth

In addition, the Wii will feature a special version of the original Super Mario Bros. It will contain a few, small changes such as coin boxes that have been replaced with graphics showing “25.”


– Kirby’s Epic Yarn was made in Good Feel’s Tokyo office, though most of their games are developed in Kobe
– About 70 employees in the company
– Wasn’t original a Kirby game
– Good Feel basically started out with nothing, started from zero as they wanted to create something new
– Called Keito no Kirby in Japan, was originally going to be called Keito no Fluff (Fluff’s Yarn)
– Was going to star a character named Fluff
– Would be set in a world called the “World of Yarn”
– Producer Etsunobu Ebisu (Good Feel) said the World of Yarn idea came from the director of Wario Land Shake, Madoka Yamauchi
– Yamauchi was head of Good Feel’s planning department
– Yamauchi showed Ebisu the idea for the World of Yarn, and they made the decision to create a game design document making use of the yarn concept as well as a world with “warmth”
– Planning director Atsushi Kouno (Good Feel) and Mr. Shinsaku (head of Good Feel’s design department) made the visuals for the design document
– Bought various cloth items and touched yarn to come up with ideas
– After the design document was created, Good Feel gave a presentation to Nintendo
– Producer Nobukatsu Matsumiya (Nintendo) was surprised by the first page of the design document, never saw such a game before
– He felt the visuals had impact and he was impressed with the different types of play that could be made from using yarn
– Prototype was being made for three months
– Problems with the prototype: Contained elements of an action game such as enemies and gimmicks, and the look of the was nice, but something felt wrong
– Emi Watanabe (Nintendo) didn’t feel that the first couple of stages were much fun
– Around Summer 2009, Nintendo asked if Good Feel could make a Kirby game
– Ebisu felt that the Fluff character looked somewhat like Kirby, but wasn’t sure if Kirby should be in the game because the people who created the original character would probably like to have that character in the final game
– Once testing began with Kirby in the game, Ebisu was surprised with how persuasive seeing him in there was
– Ebisu feels that because Kirby already exists, the yarn version of the character offered a greater feeling of existing