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How to catch Munkidori in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Posted on September 28, 2023 by in Guides, Switch

How to catch Munkidori Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Munkidori is a member of the Loyal Three, a new trio of Legendary Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet’s The Teal Mask DLC, so we’ll tell you about how to catch it as well as where its location is. It’s a speedy Poison/Psychic-type monkey with a high special attack stat and the ability to boost up even further. It’s also one of the toughest Pokémon to catch! Today, we’re going to discuss Munkidori’s location as well as strategies on capturing it as quickly as possible.

Munkidori Location

How to catch Munkidori Pokemon Scarlet Violet location

As for how to catch Munkidori in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, as you progress through The Teal Mask’s main campaign, you’ll wind up facing off against the Loyal Three as Titan Pokemon. Unfortunately, you can’t catch them in this encounter. Instead, you’ll have to clear the rest of the story and come back to each individual location afterward. Munkidori’s location is at Wisteria Pond at the southwest corner of the map. There’s a fly location nearby for your convenience.

  • Munkidori appears at Level 70. It’s a special attacker with Nasty Plot, which means it’s going to sweep your team unless you come prepared. Its only attacks are Sludge Wave and Psychic, both of which Bisharp and Kingambit are immune to. Kingambit can learn both Thunder Wave and False Swipe, which will help your chances of catching it. If you bring a Dark/Steel-type Pokémon, Munkidori cannot hurt you.

Munkidori, along with Okidogi and Fezandipiti, are the only Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet with a catch rate of 3 (at the time of writing). That’s the lowest catch rate in the game! If you’ve received a Munkidori via a trade already, a Repeat Ball is your best bet. Otherwise, it’ll be an Ultra Ball during the day or a Dusk Ball if it’s nighttime. If you’re looking for a Poke Ball that matches Munkidori’s color scheme, try a Net Ball or Master Ball.

Keep all of this information in mind if you’re trying to find out how to catch Munkidori in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. We have even more guides for the games below.

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