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Splatoon 2’s latest update is now available. Nintendo has just started distribution of version 1.4.0. Tons of changes have been made pertaining to player ranks, Salmon Run, Spectator Mode, weapons, and more.

We had a rough idea of what was included in the update over the weekend, but Nintendo has now published the full patch notes below. You can read them in full below. Prepare

Splatoon 2 is getting a new update tonight. But as you would expect, Nintendo isn’t stopping there. Splatoon 2 will continue to receive support in the form of patches, new content additions, and Splatfests.

The next update we can look forward to will be in late November. Nintendo isn’t really going into specifics at this time as to what it has in store, but we at least know that a new patch isn’t that far away.


Pixel Perfex and Headup Games launched Earth Atlantis on the Switch eShop last week. Similiar to some other titles we’ve been seeing, a patch is already underway.

Pixel Perfex has at least confirmed that it will be quicker and easier to get weapons back. The home menu icon will be refreshed as well. Other than that, we’ll have to see if anything else is changed.


Fire Emblem Heroes

Last night, a new update went out for Fire Emblem Heroes. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems now have the game at version 1.8.0.

There’s actually more to the update than what the patch notes mentioned. On the official site, a new post goes over Sacred Seals and other improvements. Find the full rundown below.

Nintendo is beginning to distribute a new update for Fire Emblem Heroes. Players can download version 1.8.0 on both iOS and Android.

It’s not a major update, but Nintendo has made some improvements in a few areas. The full patch notes are as follows:

・ Made it easier to identify stages involved in quests.
・ Can now jump directly to related stages from the quest list.
・ Now possible to jump to Edit Teams prior to entering a stage.
・ Bug fixes.

Nintendo announced a few days ago that the next Splatoon 2 update is scheduled for this coming week. Version 1.4.0 will be issued on Tuesday (North America) / Wednesday (Europe).

Nintendo ended up sharing the patch notes, but only in Japanese. However, thanks to Reddit’s talkion, we have a pretty good idea as to what will be changed. You’ll find a rough translation below. We’ll share the official patch notes from Nintendo when they’re ready – likely next week.

Another new update is making its way out for Pokemon GO. On iOS, players will have access to version 1.47.1. Android users will be able to download 0.77.1.

The latest update mainly involves bug fixes. Also, costumed Pokemon can no longer be mass-transferred, and a confirmation dialogue will show up when attempting to transfer such Pokemon.

The full patch notes are as follows:


Raw Fury issued a new update for GoNNER on Switch today. Version 1.01 is available now.

GoNNER now has support for the “B” button to go back to the previous menu. A number of issues have also been addressed.

The full patch notes are as follows:

NBA 2K18 has received what many would probably feel is a much-needed patch on Switch. We’re hearing reports that the new update just went out a short while ago.

Visual Concepts has specifically addressed the frame rate and audio syncing during cut-scenes in MyCAREER. An issue has also been fixed with local play.

The full patch notes are as follows:

Stardew Valley finally launched on Switch yesterday. It seems to be going over well, but players have encountered a few issues.

Fortunately, Chucklefish is already planning a patch. The full details regarding what will be addressed can be found below.

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