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The Wii U eShop as well as the 3DS eShop appear to be back up and running follow Nintendo’s 12-hour maintenance period. They’re up in the US, and we’re hearing that all is well in Europe in addition. Other online features such as Miiverse are also functioning properly.


Bravely Default/Bravely Second producer Tomoya Asano has previously mentioned that he hopes to create a new entry in the series each year. Annual releases don’t appear to be set in stone, however.

In an interview with 4Gamer, Asano mentioned how Bravely Default’s future relies upon the success of Bravely Second. This makes 2014 a particularly important year, Asano says.

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Japanese outlet 4Gamer recently had the chance to catch up with a number of prominent staffers at Capcom, who teased the company’s plans for the future. Here’s an overview as to what was shared:

– Deep Down producer/director of the second dev. department Kazunori Sugiura said many titles were announced in 2013
– Some didn’t make it this year and will be announced in 2014
– Those will “surprise the readers a lot”
– Sugiura also encouraged fans to look forward to next year as Capcom intends to reaffirm its presence in the fighting genre
– Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara producer Kenji Kataoka says another classic from Capcom’s history will be revived by the end of 2014
– Can’t say what it’ll be yet
– Announcement about this title when it gets a bit warmer
– Shu Takumi’s new game will be announced next year
– Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies director Takeshi Yamazaki says the team is now working full force on the next title even if things are just getting started
– Unclear if Takumi and Yamazaki team are working on one or more new titles (whether they’re working on the same title or on different ones)


At 4 PM ET, Nintendo took down both eShops once again for a 12-hour maintenance period. The company hopes to make significant progress with regard to the online issues plaguing its network services over the past few days.

In light of fans questioning why the eShops will be going offline once again, Nintendo took to Twitter to further explain the situation. The Big N said that this will allow for traffic volume to be properly managed, paving the way for full operation restoration.

Nintendo wrote:

Meanwhile, indie developer Two Tribes has weighed in on the situation as well. The studio, after receiving a notice from Nintendo, claimed that the overall online downtime “might take a while longer”.

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Image & Form has previously discussed bringing SteamWorld Dig to Wii U, but the studio seems more intent on pursuing the possibility, based on new comments made to ONM.

Co-founder Brjann Sigurgeirsson told the publication that the team is “definitely” looking into making SteamWorld a reality on Nintendo’s home platform. Sigurgeirsson also said that “Wii U would work very well for the SteamWorld series”.

Sigurgeirsson’s comments in full:

“The Wii U would work very well for the SteamWorld series, so it’s definitely one of the things that we’re looking into – we’re fortunate that we left mobile at the right time and got embraced by Nintendo when it happened.”


Another wave of games have been discounted on the 3DS eShop. Here’s the full roundup of the latest titles on sale:

Classic Games Overload: Card & Puzzle Edition – $14.99 (was $29.99) through 1/9
Dress To Play: Cute Witches! – $0.99 (was $3.99) through 1/8
Dress To Play: Magic Bubbles! – $0.99 (was $3.99) through 1/8
SteamWorld Dig – $6.99 (was $8.99) through 1/2
Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo – $1.99 (was $7.99) through 1/14
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition – $9.99 (was $19.99) through 1/9

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Nintendo continues to work away on the issues surrounding both eShops. At the very least, the situation seems to be improving, as users in different territories have been reporting successful connections.

In order to (hopefully) address things once and for all, the eShops will be going down for a 12-hour period today. The digital stores will be unavailable starting at 4 PM ET (1 PM PT, 10 PM CET, 6 AM Japan time) today, and lasting through 4 AM ET (1 AM PT, 10 AM CET, 6 PM Japan time) tomorrow.

Nintendo of America also posted the following on its Facebook page:

We sincerely apologize for the connection problems in the Nintendo eShop. We understand this is taking longer than expected, but we can assure you that providing a solution is our top priority. We are determined to make sure everyone can enjoy all that Wii U and Nintendo 3DS have to offer. In an effort to manage the high volume of traffic and ultimately improve your experience, we are temporarily taking the Nintendo eShop services offline between the hours of 4 p.m. – 4 a.m. ET. Thank you so much for your continued patience. We will keep you updated.



Along with today’s screenshot, Sakurai passed along the following message on Miiverse:

The pic of the day that runs Monday through Friday will be on break starting Dec. 27. I’ll be back on Jan. 6, so I hope everyone has a happy new year!!

Mojang founder Markus Persson, who also goes by the name Notch, has ruled out Minecraft for Wii U. Rumors of a possible release on Nintendo’s console began to appear last week.

Persson wrote on Twitter that Minecraft “would make sense” on Wii U. “The only reason for no current plans is we’ve got too much work already,” he explained.

Notch’s tweets in full: