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MINNEAPOLIS, April 29, 2009: Activision Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) today announced a new entry is coming to the Big League Sports franchise, Big League Sports: Summer. Set to release in June for WiiTM and Nintendo DSTM, the game is all about fun in the sun!

“The Big League Sports franchise focuses on individual challenges within popular sports, a concept that fans of those pastimes have embraced,” said David Oxford, Activision Publishing. “Big League Sports: Summer takes the most popular warm weather sports and gives the player even more activities to engage in, along with much improved controls and graphics.”

London – April 28th, 2009 – Midway Games Ltd., a subsidiary of Midway Games Inc. (OTC Pink Sheets: MWYGQ), today announced a European distribution deal with Natsume Inc. for their new rhythm and adventure game for girls, Princess Debut: The Royal Ball, coming to the Nintendo DS™.

In the game, players find themselves in a fantasy world where they have 30 days to get ready for the big ball; they’ll have to master their dance moves and pick a partner from one of six charming princes. They’ll meet and woo the princes through the game’s large, branching storyline and exciting event system. Once players convince a prince to be their dancing partner, it’s time to go out on the dance floor! Players will use the touch screen to guide their character gracefully across the dance floor while matching their partner’s rhythm. All of the dances in the game are taken from motion-captured professional dancers, so the game is just as impressive to watch as it is fun to play.

New Madden NFL 10 Wii screenshots

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Release Date: Winter
Genre: Arcade Shooter
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Rating: TBC
Developer: cavia inc.
Publisher: Capcom

Game Description:

Capcom brings the Resident Evil series back to the Nintendo Wii™ with the sequel to the highly successful, million-selling title, Resident Evil®:The Umbrella Chronicles, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.

Unlike the evil enemies you fought against in the previous story, in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, players will fight against the characters’ own inner demons. Two of the most popular characters in the series and heroes of the beloved Resident Evil 2, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, will be making their return. As unconventional heroes, the two start out the game as ordinary individuals who are thrown into terrorizing situations where their own fear is their biggest enemy. Featuring a brand new storyline that will fill in missing pieces of the “Chronicles” series, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles leads players into a horrific world where the lines between good and evil are blurred and the fight begins with your dark side…

Resident Evil Archives fact sheet

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Release Date: June 2009
Genre: Survival Horror
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Rating: BBFC 15, PEGI 16
Developer: Capcom®

Game Description:

Resident Evil Archives gives Wii gamers the opportunity to play classic Resident Evil games they may have missed at a great value price. Experience the beginning of the Resident Evil saga with the remake of the game that started the survival horror genre, Resident Evil.

The Raccoon City Police Department doesn’t know what happened to the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) team it sent out to investigate the Arklay Mountain area, where a number of people have recently gone missing. The unit’s helicopter seems to have crashed in the woods, and it hasn’t received any contact from the squad since. The department decides to dispatch another S.T.A.R.S. unit, the Alpha team, to check things out… but something goes terribly wrong.

Besides Fatal Frame IV, another horror title gamers have been interested in seeing brought to the states is Fragile. The title was published by Namco in Japan, but there haven’t been any murmurs of a release in North America. However, XSEED Games is “looking into” bringing Fragile over.

“Appreciate the heads-up on Fragile, it’s a title that’s been requested many times before so we’re looking into it. To everyone that’s written in to us, we will expect everyone to get their pre-order in the week that we announce it if we should get lucky enough to work on such a great looking title.” – Ken, XSEED Games

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Release Date: Winter
Genre: Adventure
Platform: Nintendo DS™
Rating: TBC
Developer: Capcom®

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth takes the Ace Attorney series from the courtroom to the crime scene, leaving the legal battle behind while bringing the action to various crime scenes.

This time around, the player takes on the role of famed prosecutor Miles Edgeworth, a memorable rival of charismatic legal eagle Phoenix Wright. Edgeworth actively investigates crime scenes in order to pursue the truth behind each case. By solving the challenging puzzles presented him, Edgeworth will work with the police to bring criminals to justice.

First Red Steel 2 details

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The first few details on Red Steel 2 are now available, thanks to the latest Nintendo Power.

– Still in first-person
– Cell shaded graphics
– Dev team aiming for a “T” rating for the game
– “The gore just doesn’t fit for us and what we’re trying to do”
– Will not have multiplayer
– Exclusively Wii MotionPlus
– May have some dual wielding gun + sword mechanic (nothing confirmed yet)