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Tecmo Bowl video

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“MGS will always be around. I feel a responsibility to continue this series as long as users demand it. But it doesn’t mean I’m going to sit in completely. I’ll probably take a different role in the next game. Maybe I’ll sit in as producer and let the young staff take control of the new series. I really want to go on to new things.” – Hideo Kojima

Metal Gear Solid 4 may be the last title featuring Solid Snake, but the series isn’t leaving any time soon. Who knows how the next game will turn out. A new game in the series could appear on any system, as Kojima has expressed interest in the Wii and Xbox 360 (although he would most likely develop an entirely new title.) And of course, Snake’s final outing will be taking place on the PS3…So all platforms are up for grabs.


“Pretty much, you pee like a man. What you do is stand on the balance board and you have to (mimicks shifting his body left and right) do is aim. So what you’re gonna do is (mimics stream of well, pee) and you’ll have to move front, back, left and right and you’re going to aim at stuff (laughs).” – Product Manager Loic Gounon

If you ask me, that’s a very odd minigame to include. Although, there may be some hilarious moments during gameplay. TV Party will have 75 minigames and Gounon also discussed Mii characters and a Wii channel for the game – Currently, both of these features are being discussed but no firm decision has been reached for their inclusion.


Samus never made the cut in the final game (Link was planned, too), though this is still awesome to watch. Activision originally planned on having the two Nintendo characters in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, but the idea was scrapped, most likely due to the fact that this was sprung on Nintendo. Oh, and the fact that the footage was from the PS2 game might have hurt their cause.


Deca Sports, a title comparable to that of Wii Sports, released just a few days ago in America. However, more games in the series have already been confirmed to be in the works. Mike Pepe of Hudson USA, speaking on a DS version noted, “We are exploring ports to other platforms. The DS being one of them. The controls and mechanics need to make sense though as the gameplay within centres around both of these.” An additional title for the Wii is also planned, and Pepe encourages fans of the series to voice their desires on the Deca Sports website. No concrete news other than this was provided regarding the new Wii title, but hopefully Hudson Soft can address the issues that plagued the Wii version and discover the best formula that would be suitable for the DS.


Guildford, UK — May 29, 2008 — The Sims™, an Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) Label, today announced the first details for SimCityTM Creator, exclusively for the WiiTM and Nintendo DSTM. SimCity Creator is an open-ended, highly creative game with a sense of humor that allows players to utilize the distinctive gameplay aspects of the Wii and Nintendo DS to create, enjoy and destroy epic cities. The most accessible and light-hearted game from the SimCity franchise, SimCity Creator will ship on September 22, 2008 in North America and on September 19, 2008 in Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. SimCity Creator is designed to be a city-game experience for families and players of all ages!

SimCity Creator for the Wii™
Be a powerful mayor — create, enjoy and destroy your ultimate city. Start by zoning your city, constructing homes, businesses, factories, skyscrapers, freeways, railroads, and much more. SimCity Creator is a visually exciting experience with a completely new user interface, designed specifically for the Wii and the Wii remote. You’ll discover many ways to customize your city, including 13 city styles to explore, such as American, European and Asian themes. More city styles will be revealed, so stay tuned for more information!

You can also place a selection of more than 30 “Hero” buildings into your city to make it distinctive and momentous. Some of these iconic buildings are based on the current day, some on history and some on fantasy. The more city styles you explore, the more Hero building options you have.

For the first time, take the liberty to build transportation systems with free placement of rounded and curved roads and rail lines, taking your city to new creative and curvy heights. And get a new perspective on your cityscape from a helicopter, a jet or a propeller plane which you can use to fly over your creation. Check out what you’ve built in your aircraft of choice!

Update: The first images of the game have been released (see below)


– 20 stages

– hand-drawn animation

– 1 player

– locations such as jungle ruins, desert, and ocean

– shake the Wiimote for special actions (shake enemies to grab coins, unearth hidden locations, and more)

– some sort of throwing mechanic via Wiimote manipulation

– vehicles such as rockets and submarines, seems that the Wiimote speaker plays a part in vehicles as well


01./00. [NDS] Let’s Make a Pro Baseball Team! (Sega) – 59,000 / NEW
02./01. [PSP] Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (Capcom) – 51,000 / 2,096,000
03./02. [WII] Mario Kart Wii (Nintendo) – 48,000 / 1,317,000
04./05. [WII] Wii Fit (Nintendo) – 36,000 / 2,110,000
05./00. [NDS] Glory of Hercules: Proof of Spirit (Nintendo) – 23,000 / NEW
06./07. [NDS] DS Beautiful Letter Training (Nintendo) – 15,000 / 233,000
07./00. [NDS] Scarlet Fragment DS (Idea Factory) – 15,000 / NEW
08./06. [WII] Battalion Wars 2 (Nintendo) – 15,000 / 39,000
09./09. [NDS] Taiko Drum Master DS: Seven Island Adventure (Bandai-Namco) – 14,000 / 161,000
10./08. [WII] Link’s Crossbow Training (Nintendo) – 12,000 / 168,000


Sim City Wii details

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– Building designs: Greece, Egypt, Futuristic, Crystal, Sweet (cake buildings ), Las Vegas, Jungle, Hindu, Mediterranean, Japanese Traditional,…etc
– Events: fire breathing dinosaurs, asteroids, people-abducting UFOs, giant mechas, etc
– Wii IR used (trace roads with Wiimote, and more)
– the advisers return, and have been given a MySims-style design
– fly around the city in a helicopter, brighten the skies with neon lights
– Producer – Masahiro “Mitch” Ueno
– September release, for 6090 yen