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Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo has returned with another Twitter update for Super Mario Odyssey. The latest update covers the Uproots, one of the many objects in the game that can be captured.

The Captured Uproots can be used to extend high into the air. Not only can you reach certain areas that you wouldn’t be able to normally, but you can also hit blocks very quickly.


Prima is continuing its relationship with Nintendo for another big guide. When Super Mario Odyssey launches at the end of October, it will be accompanied by a new guide.

The guide will come in two versions. Amazon lists a standard release as well as a collector’s edition (Amazon Canada here and here). The former is 320 pages and paperback while the latter is 336 pages and hardcover.

In terms of what the guide offers, that’s a bit of a mystery right now. It will obviously include gameplay information and tips, but Amazon’s description hasn’t updated. We’ll keep an eye on the listings for any future news.

Thanks to Wagner C for the tip.

Nintendo has posted another brief GIF to the Japanese Super Mario Odyssey Twitter account. The latest update focuses on the action of crouching.

Crouching can be used to avoid enemy attacks. Additionally, you can move through tight spaces that you wouldn’t be able to access normally.

The GIF, posted below, also gives us a new look at New Donk City at night.


The wedding theme in Super Mario Odyssey is a big aspect of the game. Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach once again and intends to marry her. Mario, Bowser, and Peach will all appear in wedding attire, and Nintendo is even making amiibo of each character.

On the official Twitter account, Nintendo provided a closer look at the bouquet Peach is holding in the trailer from E3. Along with Pirhana Plants, the bouquet holds flowers taken from the Wooded Kingdom.

Thanks to LukasManak for the tip.


Nintendo provided a new piece of art from Super Mario Odyssey on its Japanese Twitter page. This time around, we have an image featuring a captured Cheep Cheep.

As a captured Cheep Cheep, Mario can move around in water freely. He also doesn’t have to worry about breathing while in this state.


One of the more interesting areas in Super Mario Odyssey is New Donk City. Mario finds himself in a location he has never visited previously in one of his platformer outings, that being a realistic city with humans.

Today’s Japanese Twitter update for Super Mario Odyssey confirms a neat little nugget about New Donk City. The citizens here are known as “New Donkers”, interestingly enough. This was suggested in Super Mario Odyssey’s in-game map brochure, but Nintendo officially confirms the term.

With New Donk City being a reference to New York City, that does make sense. New York City residents are often called New Yorkers after all.


Nintendo sent out the boxart for Super Mario Odyssey during E3 in June. Since then, the packaging image has been updated.

The boxart is still very similar to what was released originally. Nintendo has made just one change to the scene in the lower left-hand corner. It previously depicted Mario in his sombrero, but now has him swimming with a snorkel and an inner tube.

Nintendo prepared its latest Japanese tweet for Super Mario Odyssey. The company published two images, both of which are primarily intended to be used as wallpaper for smartphones.

Here’s where things get interesting. The pink moon shown in the wallpaper is a different color than the yellow moons we’ve seen in the Cascade Kingdom, suggesting that the Cheep Cheep one is separate. So based on that, we’d have at least seven kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey.

They would be:

– Metro Kingdom
– Sand Kingdom
– Wooded Kingdom
– Luncheon Kingdom
– Cascade Kingdom
– Cap Kingdom
– Cheep Cheep Kingdom

We’re going off of the assumption that the Cascade Kingdom is separate from the areas we’ve seen with the Cheep Cheeps. That’s not absolutely confirmed, but it does make sense based on the moons.

Source, Via

Nintendo UK published a new piece of Super Mario Odyssey art yesterday. The image, attached above, shows the capture mechanic in action with Mario taking over a Goomba.


Gamespot has uploaded some footage of the Forest Kingdom from the San Diego Comic Con 2017 Super Mario Odyssey demo. You can check out the video below.

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