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Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo isn’t done with updates for Super Mario Odyssey. It’s unclear if the game will be getting any additional free modes or paid DLC in the future, but there are at least new costumes on the way.

Thanks to last week’s update, which added Luigi’s Balloon World, we may have a pretty good idea as to what Nintendo has planned. Dataminers have plucked through the files from version 1.2.0 and have found many new hats and costumes – complete with their descriptions.

Nintendo introduced version 1.2.0 for Super Mario Odyssey last week. It added Luigi’s Balloon World, new outfits, and a couple of Snapshot Mode filters. Some other changes were made as well.

Aside from what we know about officially, it seems that 20 new thumbnails have been added. Dataminers apparently found these images contained within Super Mario Odyssey’s latest files.

Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe have been nominated for Favorite Video Game for Nickelodeon’s 2018 Kids’ Choice Awards. The event, which will be hosted by John Cena, takes place March 24. Voting for the video game category begins March 19.

See the full list of nominees for Favorite Video Game below:

Just Dance 2018
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Minecraft: Java Edition
Star Wars Battlefront II
Super Mario Odyssey


The time between Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario Odyssey was four years. Super Mario 3D World came to Wii U in November 2013, while Mario Odyssey launched last October.

Since it took several years for a new Super Mario game from EAD Tokyo and Odyssey arrived in time for Switch’s first year, some have wondered if the title was ever in development for Wii U. Nintendo ruled that out in the latest issue of Game Informer.

The new Luigi’s Balloon World in Super Mario Odyssey includes a ranking system. These take the forms of stars, and can be increased as you play the mini-game.

There is actually something that happens once you achieve the highest rank. It’s far from massive, but is more comparable to a small little change. You can see what this is about below.

Luigi’s Balloon World in Super Mario Odyssey was added this week through a free update. Unfortunately, some players are already exploiting a glitch by clipping through walls to place balloons in impossible-to-reach areas.

The most prevalent kingdom affected is New Donk City. However, other worlds have been impacted as well.

Super Mario Odyssey has a few Power Moons dedicated to Hint Art. Pictures found in the various kingdoms give you vague hints as to where these Power Moons are located.

In Super Mario Odyssey’s latest update, version 1.2.0, it’s now much easier to keep track of which Hint Art have been solved. Green ticks will appear on the pictures for Power Moons that have been obtained. This wasn’t mentioned in Nintendo’s patch notes, but is worth mentioning since it’s a very helpful addition.


Did you know that Luigi has some secret dialogue reactions in Super Mario Odyssey’s Luigi’s Balloon World? Some of the outfits Mario wears can influence what Luigi says. If you’re interested, check out the video below for a look at all of Luigi’s dialogue.

Nintendo dropped the new 1.2 update for Super Mario Odyssey last night, adding in Luigi’s Balloon World, new costumes, and new Snapshot Mode filters. Get a closer look at the content in the video below.

Earlier today we wrote a post that the Luigi’s Balloon World update for Super Mario Odyssey would be out later this week. Well wait no longer because it is out now to download!

Below we have also included the patch notes that Nintendo put out on the new Super Mario Odyssey update.

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