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Super Mario Odyssey

Kicking off the start of December, Nintendo has sent out new images based around Super Mario Odyssey. The latest wallpaper is pictured above. We also have a calendar version below.


Following the day-one update for Super Mario Odyssey, another patch has gone live. The game is now at version 1.1.0.

Nintendo’s patch notes state that Korean-language support has been added. No other adjustments or changes have been implemented.


Two more Super Mario Odyssey commercials have been published for Nintendo’s Japanese audience. We have both of them below.

The fact that Super Mario Cereal is happening is a sight to behold in and of itself. But the fact that it also acts as an amiibo makes things even more interesting.

The Super Mario Cereal box teases that its sticker can be scanned in Super Mario Odyssey. However, it seems that it doesn’t really do anything that special as an amiibo.

Reddit user ziiigg, who shared the back of the Super Mario Cereal box earlier today, says that it works like most other amiibo in Super Mario Odyssey. That means when you scan the box, it can go look for Power Moons. There is just a slight, neat touch though – players are told that the Super Mario Cereal is a “delicious” amiibo.


Update: Reader mariobitsize passed along messages received from Kellog’s earlier today, which we’ve added in below. Apparently this cereal “is hitting store shelves now” and “a limited number” will have the amiibo sticker. Either this is an elaborate fake, or it’s indeed happening. We’ll keep an eye on the situation.

Original: New Super Mario Cereal could be coming up in the future from Kellogg’s. Cerealously claims to have obtained a box image of the product. The cereal itself will apparently feature oat pieces with colored marshmallow shapes, including Super Mushrooms, 1-Up Mushrooms, and ? Boxes.

What might be even more noteworthy here is that the cereal itself can apparently be used as an amiibo. The box teases functionality with Super Mario Odyssey.

Cerealously does believe that the cereal is legitimate, but there’s also the possibility that it could be just a prototype. If it is the real deal, this would definitely be interesting.

Kellogg’s message

We cerealously appreciate your continued interest in seeing a Nintendo cereal, Chris! We hope you’ll keep an eye out for the new Super Mario Cereal that is hitting store shelves now. This star-shaped cereal features Super Mario-inspired marshmallows, and a limited number of packages will have an amiibo powerup sticker that can be used on the Super Mario Odyssey game with the Nintendo Switch gaming console.

… The product’s name is simply “Super Mario Cereal,” and as it’s just coming to stores now, it may take some time to arrive in your area. It can be helpful to check in with managers at your local stores for availability information – or to see if they can order it in for you…


It’s crazy to think about, but Super Mario Odyssey has already been around for a month. At this point, many of you have likely completed the game – or at least reached the ending. That probably means you’ve seen a good chunk of what the game has to offer when it comes to kingdoms.

Kingdoms are obviously a huge part of Super Mario Odyssey. Each area is very distinct and has its own challenges. Some are big, a couple are small, and others fall right in the middle.

Out of the kingdoms you’ve traveled to thus far, which ones are you favorite? And on the opposite end of the spectrum, are there any that you’re not a fan of in particular? Let us know how you feel below. If you’re reading other comments, be warned that there may be possible spoilers.

Highlights from last week’s topic: What would you want out of an animated Mario movie?

Around the launch of Super Mario Odyssey, Japanese website 4Gamer conducted an interview with producer Yoshiaki Koizumi. It was a pretty big discussion, with Koziumi touching on all sorts of points. He talked about how Nintendo went about developing the game, the “Jump Up, Super Star” theme song, Pauline’s inclusion (an interesting note on Nintendo’s original plans for her), the higher age rating compared to past titles, and more.

Towards the start of the interview, when asked about the theme of Super Mario Odyssey being “journey”, Koizumi first described that their initial concept was to make “a new Mario that continues to stick in people’s minds” and they thought of new ideas that couldn’t be put into past Mario games. Among them, the one that can be put in rather well was the term “journey”.

Super Mario Odyssey features a few different mini-games. Each one comes with its own leaderboards. Unfortunately, a glitch in the game is allowing some players to achieve astronomical scores that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

The “talkatoo glitch” has been making the rounds as of late. By hitting and speaking to the hint-giving bird at the same time, the camera locks in place and can interrupt animations. Players are taking advantage of the glitch to max out the highest possible score of 99,999 in New Donk City’s jump-rope mini-game.

We have a feeling that Nintendo will patch out the glitch at some point. Something may have to be done with the leaderboards as well. Will Nintendo reset them, or will they remove every entry of 99,999?


All sorts of sales data has been provided for Super Mario Odyssey over the past few weeks. However, one country we haven’t heard about specifically is Germany. That has since been rectified as BIU today handed out its sales awards for October.

Super Mario Odyssey earned a gold award from BIU having sold over 100,000 copies. As we know, the game hit the market at the very end of the month, so that start isn’t too shabby.


The Nintendo Treehouse Log has updated again once again with a new entry. This time, Super Mario Odyssey is the focus, and specifically the localization of the “Jump Up, Super Star!” song.

Nintendo started to localize the lyrics back in January. At that time, the music itself was practically done. It was just a matter of translating the lyrics and having them make sense in English.

The first translation was as follows:

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