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Check out the latest happenings in Dragalia Lost:

The Hoenn region’s Elite Four member Sidney is now available as a Sync Pair with Absol, the Disaster Pokemon. Absol can use the Sync Move, Most Excellent Night Slash, to become Mega Absol until the end of battle. This transformation moderately increases both the attack and speed stats. Check out the pair in action here:

Check out the latest events in Dragalia Lost:

Fuga: Melodies of Steel

This week’s Famitsu review scores are as follows:

The latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has revealed that Nippon Ichi Software will be releasing Asatsugutori for Switch. In this mysterious adventure game, players will be able to travel back in time to investigate multiple murders in an unknown building where 8 girls live together. One by one, the girls will be killed and its up to the player to unravel the truth. The girls themselves may not always be able to help the player, however, since they are not aware that they are to be murdered.

The protagonist’s time travel ability will trigger each time a killing occurs, and the player will be able to investigate to find various clues in an effort to find out the truth. Being able to loop back to several points in a day, the investigation that you can collect will change depending on where you are in the timeline. You can check out the teaser site for title, which has been updated several times, here. On the site, the lone video below is shown:

Asatsugutori will launch on November 25 in Japan for 7,678 yen.


Check out what’s going on in Dragalia Lost:

  • The second half of the Stranded Scions raid event started Aug. 1, 11 PM PT, in Dragalia Lost! Nightmare, Omega (Solo), and Omega (Raid) difficulties have been added.

Check out what’s new in Dragalia Lost:

Players are now able to take on the Okami crossover event in Monster Hunter Rise. Additionally, the second Challenge Quest is now available. Both quest’s details and rewards can be seen below:

  • Quest 13: Rising Sun!? (July 30th)
    • Objective:Deliver 16 White Wolf Pictures
    • Locale:Shrine Ruins
    • Conditions:None
    • Rewards:Materials for “Ammy Costume” (Palamute layered armor set based on Amaterasu from Okami)
  • Quest 2 (July 30th)
    • Objective:Slay a Zinogre
    • Locale:Arena
    • Conditions:Hunter Rank: HR 4 or higher, Party Size: Two Players Max


Check out what’s new in Dragalia Lost:

Visual novel Kochira, Haha Naru Hoshi Yori has received a second trailer from publisher Nippon Ichi Software and developer Daisyworld. This new trailer shows off the game’s various systems as well as dialogue between characters. Kochira, Haha Naru Hoshi Yori hits the Switch on October 28 in Japan. Check out the trailer here:


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