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A fan has taken it upon himself to make a Super Smash Bros. demake of sorts. While it’s actually being developed in Game Maker 8, the style would definitely remind you of something played on the Game Boy. A demon will be released this Friday, which will include two characters, 3 stages, and a number of options. Make sure to check out some footage of Super Smash Land below!

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Just in time for the holidays, Willis K., 11, and Kaele B., 4, celebrate with Santa after winning a Nintendo DSi XL system and a copy of Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! at the Big Brothers Big Sisters holiday party in Houston on Sat., Dec. 11, 2010. Nintendo helped bring some seasonal cheer to the event by providing systems and games for attendees to enjoy. (photo by Richard Carson)

Vanessa U., 8, helps her brother Kenneth U., 6, as he guides pint-sized Mini Marios through a level of Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! Nintendo brought smiles to faces this holiday season when the company provided Nintendo DSi XL systems and Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem! games to the local Big Brothers Big Sisters year-end party in Houston on Sat., Dec. 11, 2010. (photo by Richard Carson)

Source: Nintendo PR

This information comes from Capcom’s Christian Svensson

“I’m still in Japan, but while I can’t shed any specific light, I think it’s fair to say that the strategic investments we’ve made in Freedom Unite and Tri means it’s safe to say that Western audiences will see more MH in their futures at some point. Exactly how and when, I must remain coy and ask for your patience.”

Monster Hunter Tri didn’t move anything close to what it did in Japan, but I believe it did fairly well compared to the sales results of past titles in the west. Hopefully this means that Monster Hunter 3DS will be released in North America and Europe when after it launches in Japan. Okay, that hasn’t even been announced yet, but it has to happen, right?!

Thanks to John S (357 Lobster) for the tip!

– Nintendo changed “Magic Mushrooms” to “Super Mushrooms”
– Nintendo changed “Starman” to Super Star (stars)
– How to play Super Mario Bros. in Wii booklet: “Defeat enemies and reach the flagpole at the end of each stage before time runs out! Clearing three stages and a castle stage will allow you to advance to the next world.”
– How to play Super Mario Bros. in the NES manual.:

Super Mario Bros. story (NES)

One day the kingdom of the peaceful mushroom people was invaded by the Koopa, a tribe of turtles famous for their black magic. The quiet, peace-loving Mushroom People were turned into mere stones, bricks and even field horsehair plants, and the Mushroom Kingdom fell into ruin.

The only one who can undo the magic spell on the Mushroom People and return them to their normal selves is the Princess Toadstool, the daughter of the Mushroom King. Unfortunately, she is presently in the hands of the great Koopa turtle king.

Mario, the hero of the story (maybe) hears about the Mushroom People’s plight and sets out on a quest to free the Mushroom Princess from the evil Koopa and restore the fallen kingdom of the Mushroom People.

You are Mario! It’s up to you to save the Mushroom People from the black magic of the Koopa!
Poor Luigi. The other brother doesn’t even get a mention.

Super Mario Bros. story (Wii)

The Mushroom Kingdom was the peaceful home of the Toads until the day Bowser and his wicked minions invaded. Using powerful magic, Bowser transformed the Toads into bricks and quickly conquered the land.

Only Princess Peach had the power to remove Bowser’s curse and save her people. But Bowser kidnapped the princess and hid her in his castle. All hope seemed lost, and darkness reigned…

When the Mario Brothers, Mario and Luigi, heard this story, they decided to rescue Princess Peach and defeat the evil Bowser. Can the brothers save the beautiful princess before it’s too late?


Nintendo and the American Heart Association Offer “12 Days of Getting Active” Holiday Tips

REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– A new survey from the American Heart Association shows that playing active-play video games can lead players to participate in more real-world physical activity. According to the survey, 58 percent of people who play active-play video games have begun a new real-life fitness activity like walking, tennis or jogging since they started playing the games. Additionally, 68 percent of people who play active-play video games say they are more physically active since they got involved in video games.

Inspired by these results, Nintendo and the American Heart Association are combining fun and fitness this holiday with “12 Days of Getting Active.” A series of daily tips starting today will help make it easy for people to get active, even when they are challenged with busy schedules and sweet temptations. The tips will be posted at, the joint American Heart Association-Nintendo online information center, and will focus on how active-play video games can get everyone in the family engaged in fun, physically active behavior leading into and through the New Year.

This is one of the videos that was added to the Nintendo Channel last night. It’s quite interesting to watch, so if you’re a Mario fan, you should definitely check it out!

While it isn’t completely Nintendo-related, you will find a few GoldenEye and Perfect Dark references in the video above!

Thanks to JT for the tip!

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