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“Wii-no-Ma service is available only in Japan at the start, but the overseas deployment is under planning in the future.” – Iwata

I’m very impressed with the abilities of Wii-no-Ma thus far. In particular, the ability to watch video content from the channel on the go is a fantastic idea.


– Channel created as a means to “keep continuous expansion of [the] gaming population.
– Iwata: “We believe it is necessary to propose to make those who do not currently neither play videogames nor feel like pouring energies for playing them to keep at least in contact with videogames, along with the deployment of mainstream videogames.”
– 5 stations in Tokyo has agreed to provide content to service
– Can watch videos more than once without have to record
– Will need to download Dokodemo Wii-no-Ma (free) for DSi to transfer videos to the handheld
– Can send recommendations to Wii friends
– Will be asked to evaluate video content after you watch it
– Don’t have to watch an advertisement
– Will be taken to “Kaisha-no-Ma” after you’ve watched a video, choose from 12 screens to view ads
– Can have 8 Miis on the channel
– Famous Miis occasionally visit to recommend content
– Message board allows you to choose photograph of Concierge Mii who has previously visited, invite them again
– Calender: Trivia, video of the day for each day of the year


Last week, Sony made a comment that the Wii owns the closet. Now Satoru Iwata has responded to that statement. The following was said by Iwata on a Wii no ma (video service) info video.

“According to our internal research, 87% of Wii consoles are connected to the largest TV screen in the household, which is set in the centre of the living room. Our consoles are not only out of the closet, they are also in the middle of the house. This shows what kind of our customers are playing Wii, as of January this year. As you can see, Wii is played by people in a wide range of ages, and male-female ratio is nearly equal. As I have mentioned, Wii has spread with nearly equal male-to-female ratio and is played by people of broad range of ages. Nearly 90% of the consoles are connected to the largest TV screen of the household in the living room. As for consoles which are already connected to the internet, video streaming or payment system has established through our videogame businesses.”

– first they thought about making Anno on Wii and made prototypes
– people did not like it so they changed it a bit
– it turned out to work then
– Wii is a Casual console and even Casuals want some mind challenge, see Kawashima and such
– so Anno fits perfectly on Wii because its mind challenging AND casual (in sense of try and watch)
– Different difficulties are included, easy, normal, hard
– on easy the game is build and watch and don’t care much
– on hard you have to take care on everything like in every Anno so far
– Andreas Suika is proud of said approach to have different difficulties and their seamless integration
– a tester said he loved watching the game and in the end he realized what he created and was amazed on the complexity he managed without noticing
– Game ships on May 20th in Europe at least


Nintendo just sent these images my way and I thought you folks would be interested in seeing the new DS Lite Spring bundle.

Two Red Steel 2 images

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Thanks to Meo for the news tip!

The following new releases will be available from tomorrow in the Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop.

New, original games offering something for everyone!

Retro meets rhythm action in BIT. TRIP BEAT. Use the Wii Remote’s motion sensor to bounce beats in time with the 8-bit style soundtrack. Up to four players can take part, but beware: retro-style gameplay also means retro-style challenge!

Treasure World debut trailer

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Introducing Calista Valenz, an all-new character joining the Guitar Hero rocking ranks
Thursday 30th April/… Activision Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) today unveiled Calista Valenz: an all-new character that will debut in Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits this summer.

Calista Valenz is tough as nails and sweet like candy, with a smile that can melt any man’s heart. Her motto is, “Fake it until you make it,” and she has a habit of telling strangers today is her birthday. Calista once volunteered to spend a week in jail for charity and was put behind bars on a Monday, got bored, and somehow escaped that Tuesday. She spent a month running from the law, even though no one was looking, and hid out at a night club. The rocker pretended to be a lead guitarist, and during her first show, a record promoter told her she was a no talent hack. She smacked him upside the head with a sausage and dumped spaghetti down his pants, all with a smile. He stood up and immediately signed her to a lifetime contract.

PEGI/USK updates

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-Brain Challenge (DSiWare, Gameloft)
-HB Arcade Cards (WiiWare, HB Studios)
-Pop Superstar: Road to Celebrity (DSiWare, Gameloft)


-Sexy Poker (WiiWare, Gameloft)