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This is how third parties need to advertise their games!

“We’re looking into that specific topic [transferring DSiWare games from one system to another], but we don’t have anything to announce at this time.” – Nintendo spokesperson

I’ve never understood why there isn’t an easy way to transfer DSiWare games from one handheld to another. And it is something that I’m a bit concerned about for the 3DS. Well, Nintendo is looking into it supposedly, so hopefully they’ll find a simple solution.


Kensa X website song

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Site here

Thanks to Asso for the news tip!

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 25, 2010 – Atlus U.S.A., Inc. today announced that it will replace defective bonus soundtrack CDs bundled with launch copies of Shin Megami Tensei®: Strange Journey™ for Nintendo DS™.

“Due to a manufacturing error, the bonus soundtrack CD bundled with Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey does not play properly,” stated Tim Pivnicny, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Atlus. “We are moving quickly with our manufacturing partner to replace defective soundtrack discs, launching a fulfillment site into which customers can input their information and receive a new soundtrack CD in 2-4 weeks. We apologize for this issue, we appreciate our fans’ understanding and patience, and we thank them for their current (and hopefully continued) support.”

Miyamoto on why he wanted to return to Super Mario Galaxy for the sequel (previously covered on the site)…

“The main reason is that as soon as we completed Super Mario Galaxy we thought we weren’t able to include a lot of the new ideas that we really wanted to. As soon as the project was over we started making something that we might call version 1.5. We did things like moving or adding stars to levels that were already available. As we made progress with this 1.5, we realized that there were too many things to fit into a version 1.5. That made us realize we should start from scratch and make Super Mario Galaxy 2. That’s how we started working on the game. As you were surprised, it’s actually quite unusual for us to make two different games in the same series on one platform. Usually we wait until the advent of new hardware, but for this time around because there were so many ideas we were not able to include in the first volume, we thought we should make a sequel to that.”

Miyamoto on whether the premise of worlds composed of small planets lent itself to making all of those ideas…

“Well, you know for this time around we’re going to have Yoshi available, and that was not possible with the prequel. Also, we thought there are many ideas left undone about taking advantage of the pointer. Also, in Mario Galaxy 1 we made very unusual terrain, and we thought that there were many other ideas that could possibly be implemented.”

“The DSi XL is a form factor addition to our line up. We are not representing it as a revolution. Having said that, once you use the DSi XL you won’t go back. I haven’t gone back. For me to give up those big beautiful screens is not going to happen. In our mind, the big advance with the DSi XL, besides the obvious – the larger screens, is actually the wider view angle. We think making portable gaming more social is a big opportunity and I say this from experience. When you are working on a Zelda puzzle and your spouse, your significant other, son, daughter, want to see what’s going, that’s awfully tough, versus now with this wider viewing angle sitting literally side-by-side on a couch, it is a great experience. Absolutely consumers are going to upgrade. I think predominantly if there are still consumers with the DS fat that will upgrade to this, consumers with the DS Lite will upgrade into this. Brand new consumers will opt for this whether they are new youth consumers, whether they are older consumers. We see the potential consumer as being a very wide very diverse audience opting into the DSi XL.”

I’ve kind of said this before, but I’m not interested in the DSi XL that much. Since I already have a DSi, I don’t feel as though the increase in screen size is worth it to purchase the system. Besides, we already know that another portable is on the way from Nintendo.


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3DS mock-up images

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Just to be clear, these aren’t official images of the 3DS. They’re simply fan renditions of what the handheld might look like.

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