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REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Today the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled that none of Nintendo’s video game controllers infringe on a patent asserted by Anascape, Ltd.

Nintendo had been accused by Anascape, Ltd., of infringing on U.S. Patent No. 6,906,700. The case was tried before a jury in the Eastern District of Texas in May 2008. The jury found that neither the motion-sensing Wii Remote™ controller, nor the Nunchuk™ controller, infringes on the patent. However, the jury found that the Classic Controller™ for the Wii™ console, and the WaveBird™ and standard controllers for Nintendo GameCube™ did infringe on the patent. Today’s decision, however, completely reversed the jury’s findings of infringement.

It’s been a very, very long time since we’ve heard anything official about Dragon Quest X. Really, the last news about the game was its official announcement for Wii. But it’s possible that Square Enix will pull the curtain back a bit in the next day or so.

Dragon Quest IX producer Ryutaro Ichimura is going to appear on the next episode of Tama Newton. Square Enix’s blog for the game talks about the event a little and says that the hosts of Tama Newton will be visiting their offices.

However, on the television’s teaser page, there is a promise of “extremely rare treasure information.” This makes the situation less clear, as it may be referring to a treasure map in Dragon Quest IX. Is it possible that the show simply made an error and meant to write Dragon Quest IX? Or, will we finally receive some new information about Dragon Quest X?


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Course: Moonview Highway
Objective: Time Trial
Tournament date: 4/15 – 4/25

“Recently, I often end up waking up at 5:00. Is it jet lag? Or am I on edge because LS is approaching completion? Last Story’s development is at long last in the final stages. The feeling of tension is pleasant.” – Mistwalker CEO Hironobu Sakaguchi

It’d be great to see both Xenoblade and The Last Story this year. Of course, though, we don’t know what Nintendo’s plans are for North America. I’d love to see at least one of those games in 2010.

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13th April 2010 – If you are a music lover, then the unique new game Jam with the Band will help transform your Nintendo DS family of consoles into a fun, portable music maker allowing you to get creative with your friends.

Program your own versions of famous songs and share them with other players. Or jam to a collection of popular songs from a constantly expanding song list. If you are after a unique gameplay experience then be sure to turn up the volume and Jam with the Band as it launches exclusively on Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi across Europe on 21st May 2010.

Even though two Kingdom Hearts games were released in Japan within a few months of each other, fans are still very interested in seeing additional entries in the series. One would think that Tetsuya Nomura, creator of the franchise, will eventually begin working on Kingdom Hearts 3. According to Nomura, though, there are “several titles being planned”, as he explained in a recent fan interview.

“I can’t really give many details, but we do have several titles being planned and some in preparation for development, so I hope you’ll look forward to those in the future.”

“We have ideas of what we want to bring to the consumer that we can’t do with the current [DS model]. The Nintendo 3DS for us is our next handheld platform. Fundamentally, this business is about software, not hardware. Software is what drives engagement by the consumer. For us technology is not the end, it’s the means to an end, which is around a great consumer experience.” – Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime

While I’m sure ideas isn’t the only reason why Nintendo is bringing the DS to the market, I’m sure that it’s a very important factor. Reggie has said similar things about the next console as well. We can expect Wii 2 when Nintendo has ideas for games that can’t be created on their current system.

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This season, Nintendo is set to offer consumers a fresh new way to experience the top-selling Nintendo DS™ family of hand-held game systems. Starting April 25, white versions of the Nintendo DSi™ system will be sold at select U.S. retailers, while supplies last. Each white system will be bundled with a copy of the wildly imaginative Mario & Luigi™: Bowser’s Inside Story game.

The white Nintendo DSi packs the same remarkable features as its blue, black and pink counterparts, including dual screens, two built-in cameras, and fun photo- and sound-manipulation tools. Users with broadband Internet access can also browse the Web using the free Nintendo DSi Browser application and download new games on the go via the Nintendo DSi™ Shop.