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Digital Foundry and Eurogamer have a new report about the specs surrounding Switch. The big takeaways here concern the console’s CPU and GPU.

Below is a notable excerpt from the new report today:

“As many have speculated, the new Nintendo hardware does indeed feature two performance configurations – and the console is categorically not as capable in mobile form, compared to its prowess when docked and attached to an HDTV. And we can confirm that there is no second GPU or additional hardware in the dock itself regardless of the intriguing patents that Nintendo has filed suggesting that there might be. With battery life and power throughput no longer an issue, the docked Switch simply allows the GPU to run much faster. And to put it simply, there is a night and day difference here.

Where Switch remains consistent is in CPU power – the cores run at 1020MHz regardless of whether the machine is docked or undocked. This ensures that running game logic won’t be compromised while gaming on the go: the game simulation itself will remain entirely consistent. The machine’s embedded memory controller runs at 1600MHz while docked (on par with a standard Tegra X1), but the default power mode undocked sees this drop to 1331MHz. However, developers can opt to retain full memory bandwidth in their titles should they choose to do so.


Dragon Quest XI was first suggested for Switch when the game was originally announced last year. Square Enix then seemed to reconfirm it in an issue of Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream.

Dragon Quest XI finally resurfaced this weekend, but Square Enix didn’t have anything to say about Switch. Only the 3DS and PlayStation 4 versions were mentioned. In fact, the Switch logo isn’t even on the game’s teaser website.

There is good news though, as Dragon Quest XI has again been confirmed for Switch. A new entry on Nintendo’s Japanese blog shares the news. Unfortunately though, we don’t have any specific details. The common consensus is that Dragon Quest XI on Switch will take after the PlayStation 4 release. Maybe Square Enix will have more to say when the new console is officially unveiled in January. 


Playtonic shared a new Yooka-Laylee video this week that gives fans a taste of what Tribalstack Tropics will be like in the final game as a fully fleshed out world. We’ve posted it below.

Following its presence at Jump Festa, Dragon Quest XI’s teaser site is now open. It’s located right here. The page contains three videos for now: the opening movie, gameplay, and a clip of new character Camus. More content should be added in 2017.

Square Enix shared the first trailer / opening movie for Dragon Quest XI at Jump Festa 2017 today, comprised entirely of animation. Give it a watch below.

You’ll notice that the Switch logo is absent from today’s video. Is Square Enix being coy until the Switch event in January?

Other than that, Dragon Quest XI is currently targeting a 2017 launch in Japan, which Square Enix more or less indicated before.

Square Enix showed a bit of brand new Dragon Quest XI footage during its Jump Festa stage show just a few minutes ago. Check out the gameplay below.

Square Enix showed the 3DS and PlayStation 4 versions of Dragon Quest XI during its presentation. The 3DS release seems to be its own thing, but it gets hazy when it comes to Switch. The thought currently is that the Switch edition will match up similarly to the PlayStation 4 title, though we’ll have to wait and see.

Square Enix will be hosting a special stage show for Dragon Quest XI at Jump Festa 2017 in about 30 minutes. The event begins at 9 PM PT / 12 AM ET / 5 AM in the UK / 6 AM in Europe. You can watch the stage show as it happens below.

It’s unclear if Square Enix will be showing the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI. However, even if the publisher only chooses to highlight the PS4 edition, it might be worthwhile to see since we’re expecting it to be very similar on Switch.

Two new pieces of concept art from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild ended up on the series’ official Facebook page just a short while ago. Both come straight from the development team. We have a look at the new images above.


Wii U owners have nothing to worry about when it comes to the release of Sneaky Ninja. In a Kickstarter update, Starfall Studios said that Sneaky Ninja is still targeted for the console. Although other companies have been pulling away from Wii U, the indie developer still wants to make it happen after the long wait for Kickstarter backers and being a fan of Nintendo.

That being said, Switch is still on the table as a possibility down the road. Starfall Studios will first need to launch the game – which could take place in February – and then bring it to Wii U shortly after.

Starfall Studios wrote on Kickstarter:

Nintendo opened an official website today to wish its fans a happy holiday. You can find it right here.

Although there isn’t much to see on the site, the lone video there is noteworthy. We’re able to see a few more seconds of Link snowboarding on his shield in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. If you’d prefer a YouTube version, we have it below.