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Rime appears to be in development for Switch, based on a new classification in Brazil.

The puzzle-adventure title garnered a great deal of attention when it was originally announced for the PlayStation 4 back in 2013. At the time, Sony owned the IP. But earlier this year, developer Tequila Works reacquired it, and moved forward with new publishers Grey Box and Six Foot.

Rime is currently planned for 2017, and looks to be a multiplatform title judging by its Brazilian classification.

Here are the two trailers we have so far:


Playtonic announced today that Yooka-Laylee will be released on April 11th, 2017 on all previously announced platforms..except Wii U. According to Playtonic, due to “unforeseen technical issues”, a release of the Wii U version was made impossible. However, to make up for that, Playtonic are “working very closely with Nintendo” to bring the game to the Nintendo Switch instead. Further details will be shared “early next year”.

Kickstarter backers who opted to get the Wii U version can instead get the game for any of the other platforms for which the game launches on April 11th, or to the Switch version once further details are announced next year. The wording seems to imply that the Switch version will not launch on April 11th alongside the other versions. Those who backed the Wii U version and want a refund instead of switching to another version are urged by Playtonic to contact them via the Backer messaging system on Kickstarter.

Finally, here’s a new trailer for the game; hopefully we will be able to play this on the Switch soon:


Since a mainline Pokemon has never graced a Nintendo home console, fans of the franchise are waiting to see if and when it will make an appearance on Switch. Of course, there has been plenty of speculation regarding a third version of Pokemon Sun/Moon for the platform.

When asked about Switch in a new Spanish interview, Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda said:

“Without a doubt, Nintendo Switch is the future, but we will have to wait until it goes out on the market and study how it can benefit from Pokemon. When people have it, we will have too see and deeply study how to use it so we can think how the next entries of Pokemon are going to be and how the saga can benefit from the new console.”

Masuda also mentioned that Pokemon has always evolved with Nintendo consoles, and will continue to do so. With the technology that’s available, they’ll explore how to highlight the series’ important aspect of communication.

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Nidhogg is Messhof’s side-scrolling fighter featuring two players. It debuted in 2014, and now the indie studio is working on a sequel.

EDGE pointed out in its issue last month that development on Nidhogg 2 has been quicker, and it’s coming to more platforms at once. Given that as well as how the Switch controllers line up well with the game’s concept, the magazine asked about potential interest in the new console.

Messhof’s response was certainly encouraging. Co-founder Kristy Norindr said: “It looks awesome, and it’s perfect for Nidhogg.”

We’ve attached trailers for both Nidhogg games below to give you a better idea about what the gameplay offers.

Would you like to see either of the Nidhogg games – or both – on Switch?

Glixel has a new interview up with Shigeru Miyamoto. But whereas most discussions with Nintendo’s legendary developer have focused specifically on Super Mario Run, this one is a bit more general.

While speaking with the site, Miyamoto spoke about working with his core team of four for thirty years, his role with development, inspirations and influences, relationship with Mario, and the similiarties between Apple and Switch. He also mentioned that younger staff “are taking the lead on Switch development”.

We’ve rounded up the notable responses from Miyamoto below. For the full interview, head on over to Glixel.

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ has already been teased for Switch once, and now it seems that Nicalis has done so once again.

Fans have found a secret message from the company’s Tyrone Rodriguez. After putting together the first words of several tweets, it states that the game is heading to Switch next spring.

Perhaps Nicalis will be more open to talking about The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ for Switch after the big unveiling event in January.

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Since the Switch showed up on The Late Show earlier this week, many people have been picking apart the footage to see what can be gathered about the system. The latest speculation surrounding Nintendo’s new console pertains to it possibly being region-free.

Switch potentially abandoning the region lock – giving it the ability to play any game from any region – is something that has been rumored before. However, when we saw Switch earlier this week, the back of the unit can be seen with a CE marking. This marking is required for a product to be sold in Europe, somewhat similar to the FCC in the United States.

This raises the question as to why the CE marking was on Reggie’s Switch. Was he playing a European unit (which would seem unlikely)? Is it a sign of it being region-free? With the Nintendo Switch Presentation only a month away, hopefully we’ll find out in a few weeks.


Nintendo surprised many of us last night by showing off Switch during The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Zelda: Breath of the Wild took the spotlight, but we were also able to have another look at the Switch unit. IGN captured a few screengrabs and reported on its findings.

The first image features the back of the Switch. When you dive in further and look at it more closely, it appears to have buttons for power, syncing controllers, and Joy-Con release buttons. IGN also speculates that we’ve been given a look at a USB-C or a proprietary port made by Nintendo, as pictured below. The USB-C connection is something that’s been thrown around as a possibility quite a bit over the past few days.



SiMPLiSTiC has plans to bring The Sacred Hero to Switch, the UK studio announced. It’s an upcoming RPG with songs from Ruven Wegner, who has created original takes on Zelda music.

Here’s a teaser:

It’ll be awhile before The Sacred Hero debuts – it won’t be ready until 2018.

Thanks to Ninwed for the tip.

CNET is another publication to have put up an interview with Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. Just as we’ve seen with these discussions, much of it is about Nintendo on mobile and Super Mario Run. Reggie confirmed that the mobile game won’t be on Switch, but won’t rule out Apple TV. On the other hand, NES games won’t be coming to smartphones.

You can read up on a roundup of Reggie’s comments below. Be sure to view CNET’s article CNET“>here as well.

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