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2K Sports held a media event for NBA 2K18 this week, and the Switch version was finally playable. All sorts of outlets went hands-on with the game and shared information about how it’s shaping up on the system.

According to Game Informer, up to four Switch systems can be linked together for local play. Eight players can participate locally as well.

The German website Tilmen Domination has posted a good amount of never-before-seen Mario + Rabbids artwork. You can see all of it below.


Alongside Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Ubisoft released a number of special figurines. Check out a launch trailer for the full set below.

SEGA released a new Sonic Mania trailer celebrating the accolades the game has received so far. Have a look at the video below.

At PAX this weekend, GameXplain conducted an interview with Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes director Suda51. He spoke about what we can expect from the gameplay and indie collaborations, such as the ability to play with just a single Joy-Con. Suda51 also talked about how he’s very interested in expanding the series from here on out, and Travis Strikes Again could lead to No More Heroes 3.

Below is the interview in full:

IGN has a look at The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Switch from the PAX West demo footage. It’s still off-screen, but it’s as close as we’ve gotten to direct-feed thus far. Check out the footage below.

Before Telltale Games confirmed its new releases for Switch, one of the rumors swirling around was about Batman: The Telltale Series. A number of retailers were listing Batman: The Enemy Within, which is the second season Telltale started just recently.

An Amazon listing offers clarity about what’s going on here. Rather than The Enemy Within, Switch will be getting all five episodes from the first season instead. That does make sense, since it’d be a bit odd to start off with the second season without having the context from prior episodes.

Back at Gamescom, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata seemed to hint at something relating to the game coming to Switch. Tabata has since clarified what’s actually going on at the moment.

Right now, a definitive decision has not been made. Square Enix has been experimenting with Switch to see what sort of specs the system can provide and what it’s capable. The Luminous Engine was tested, but it seems that Square Enix can’t “bring out the most of the engine” on Switch.

Pokken Tournament DX

IGN captured 12 minutes of Pokken Tournament DX footage from its appearance at PAX West this weekend. View the gameplay below.

If you’ve played the No More Heroes games and watched the trailer for Travis Strikes Again, you may have noticed something about Travis in particular. It seems that Robin Atkin Downes isn’t involved. Downes voiced Travis Touchdown in the first two No More Heroes games, but a different voice actor is featured in Travis Strikes Again’s debut trailer.

Technically, anything could change before launch, and it does look like Travis Strikes Again is fairly early on in development. But as things stand now, Travis has a new voice actor.


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