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Most retailers don’t actually know when Switch is releasing or how much it’ll cost, but UK retailer GameSeek is giving consumers a guarantee. You can reserve the console on its website for £198.50. GameSeek says that if the price increases between the time an order is placed and the release date, you’ll be charged the lower price.

The GameSeek listing also mentions a March 17 release date. Whether or not that’s reliable remains to be seen.

Thanks to Stephan for the tip.

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During GameStop’s earnings call today, CEO Paul Raines talked a bit about Switch. He shared some positive comments about the system, stating that it could be a “game-changer.”

Raines noted, “The Nintendo Switch, which I played at Nintendo a few weeks ago–we believe could be another game-changer that will expand the audience for gaming.”

GameStop’s management also said that PowerUp Rewards members are interested in Switch. Twenty-seven percent of these members who are aware of console plan to buy it. GameStop suggested that the number could rise following January’s event, but it’s already in line with that of the Xbox One at a similar point in time.



Update: This is officially being called a re-release / remaster.

Original: Warner Bros. Interactive has just revealed that LEGO City Undercover is getting a new entry on Switch and other platforms. The game, which is either an updated version of a new title, will launch in Spring 2017.

We currently have this tweet to go by:

In an interview with Glixel, Bethesda Game Studios director and executive producer Todd Howard had plenty of positive things to say about Switch.

Howard was able to get a look at Nintendo’s new system at E3 in June. Whatever was presented, he said that it was “probably the best demo I’ve ever seen.”

Howard also said that Bethesda is “definitely going to be supporting it.” He made note of the fact that this is really the first time the company will be involved with a Nintendo platform since the NES days.

Finally, it was further suggested that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be on Switch. That certainly makes sense, as it appeared in Nintendo’s announcement trailer for the console.

Here’s the full transcript of the Switch conversation:

French newspaper Le Monde recently conducted an interview with Michel Ancel. Luckily, Ancel was happy to talk about the new Beyond Good & Evil, going over the project’s development, themes, and more.

A couple of folks on NeoGAF were kind enought to translate the interview. Find a rundown of what was shared below.

– It’s Yves Guillemot who called Michel Ancel to make Beyond Good & Evil 2. He was going to leave after Rayman Legends (the article says Origins but it’s probably a mistake) in 2013, since he just co-founded his new studio Wildsheep, but he just couldn’t say anything else than “yes” to the Yves Guillemot’s proposal.

– The original project started in 2007, and was abandoned in 2009, at Michel Anciel’s will. They started to work on it again in 2012-2013, and he feels like he still needs three to four years to finish it, but even then he’s not sure.

– He calls it a “fabulous project”. It’s really ambitious, but possible with the actual consoles.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Switch rumormonger Laura Kate Dale sent along some new speculation about titles coming to Switch on her Twitter account today. Some of the information isn’t as set compared to previous rumors we’ve heard about due to only being single-sourced, but may be worth sharing in any case.

Dale is primarily attempting to paint a picture about what lies ahead for Switch in 2017. The new 3D Mario, Mario Rabbids RPG, Splatoon port, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Just Dance 2017 are among the games planned for launch. The Smash Bros. port, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, and Super Mario Maker are said to be launching within the first six months. New additions for the first half year of Switch include Xenoblade Chronicles X, Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Silver Case (Grasshopper Manufacture’s visual novel that has been revitalized on new platforms).

The Switch rumors don’t stop coming today, and it’s another major one, this time from Eurogamer. The outlet claims that, according to multiple sources, a mainline Pokemon game is currently being developed by Game Freak for the Switch under the codename “Pokemon Stars”. As the name implies, it is supposedly the “third version” to Pokemon Sun & Moon, like Yellow was to Red & Blue, Platinum was to Diamond & Pearl and so on. The game is “already well in development”, according to Eurogamer, and will launch in 2017. The target release date is apparently late 2017, though it was initially planned as a Summer release. This would be the first ever mainline Pokemon game to be playable on a home console – and the first time that games in a single generation of Pokemon will span multiple consoles.

According to Eurogamer, the Pokemon Sun & Moon initial reveal trailer might have already shown footage of this supposed Switch version – the  model of Pikipek shown there is apparently from Pokemon Stars:


Laura Kate Dale of Let’s Play Video Games has once again come forward with another Switch rumor/leak – and this time, it’s a wild one. According to her sources at both Ubisoft and Nintendo, Ubisoft is developing a Mario & Raving Rabbids crossover turn-based RPG, which will be one of the Switch’s launch titles.

Apparently, the working title is “Mario RPG: Invasion of the Rabbids” and, while Ubisoft is the main developer, Nintendo is overseeing the development to ensure proper use of the Mario IP. As the working title implies, the game will be about an invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom by various Rabbids characters. A new Bowser form based on the design of the Rabbids will apparently be a recurring boss character. The core party will apparently feature various minor characters from the Mario universe, with a particular focus on Yoshi, alongside a playable Rabbid. There will be cameo appearances from some of the more major Mario characters.

During an interview with GameSpot, Tekken 7 producer Katsuhiro Harada was asked about the possibility of a Switch version. His response was short, as he stated: “We’re quite surprised by the Nintendo Switch announcement; read into that what you like.”

Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition made it out for Wii U’s launch back in 2012. Harada also acted as co-producer on Pokken Tournament. It’s unclear what plans – if any – Bandai Namco could have in store in the fighting department for Switch.


It’s tough to forget the situation surrounding Project CARS on Wii U. After this version of the game was talked up by Slightly Mad Studios, it ran into several delays and eventual cancellation.

The developer eventually said last year that Project CARS was “simply too much for the Wii U.” We also heard that Slightly Mad Studios was “awaiting an announcement from Nintendo on new hardware”, which we now know is Switch. Unfortunately, a Nintendo version is still looking unlikely – at least for the time being.

The official Project CARS Twitter account posted the following earlier today:


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