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– Manage all types of farm animals, plus dogs & cats
– Construct 12 different buildings, all with multiple upgrades
– Watch out for four types of bears aiming to destroy your farm
– Multiple goods to produce and even more to buy in the city
– 19 different awards to win



Following the disappointment regarding the lack of downloadable content for The Conduit, High Voltage Software announced that such things would be implemented in their future titles on Wii. As of now, however, the company is not entirely sure how this will work as far as Nintendo’s DLC system, and is looking at exactly what aspects they can take advantage of, and what parts will need to be worked with.

“…we are still evaluating what Nintendo’s DLC system will allow us to do. Once we figure that out, I can better explain our plans. We do want to use DLC. We are planning on using it at this time, but until I know the specifics of how Nintendo is going to enforce their DLC parameters I cannot be 100% as to how we will take advantage of it. ” – David Pellas, High Voltage


Yet again, a staff member from High Voltage Software is talking about some previously mentioned unknown game that the company is working on (presumably on Wii).

“Thanks for all the enthusiasm guys! Ill forward all your comments to the Grinder producer. Like Prem said, im currently not on Grinder or Gladiator so im not as “to the second” as I was on Conduit but I will make sure your comments are heard. All I can say about what im working on is “really guys, you haven’t seen nothin yet…”

What could this mystery game be, I wonder? The Conduit 2, perhaps? Or maybe something entirely new?

Ever since the game’s announcement, many rumors have circulated about a possible Wii version of Modern Warfare 2, much in the same way that Call of Duty: World at War was ported to Wii. Listings on Amazon-esque websites, as well as various comments from gaming outlets regarding the game are just the start of the rumors, it seems, as Australian game store JB Hifi has an entire section dedicated to the pre-orders of Modern Warfare 2 for Wii, including a custom made pre-order box art for the supposed game.

Modern Warfare 2 Wii?

Not only is the box art present, but the store is actually accepting pre-orders for the game itself, further reinforcing the idea that it is indeed coming. In addition, there have been reports of other, smaller gaming outlets taking pre-orders for the game, which serves as a focal point for the Wii-owning hopefuls.

The chances of a Wii version of Modern Warfare 2 coming out are pretty high at this point, and even neglecting the pre-orders, there isn’t much of a reason for Activision not to release one. World at War sold well on Wii, and it is likely that (if they improve their late ad campaign strategy) that Modern Warfare 2 would do the same.

What do you guys think?

Bit Boy’s Incoming Secret Pulse Commands Pose a Brain Challenge for the Ant Nation

This week Nintendo offers three new WiiWare™ games, including a trip through video game history, a strategic tank battle and a virtual twist on an ant farm. Download fans will also find two Virtual Console™ SEGA classics and a Nintendo DSiWare™ game designed to keep the brain sharp.


Bit Boy!!
Publisher: Bplus
Players: 1-2
ESRB Rating: E (Everyone)
Price: 600 Wii Points
Description: Get ready for the most spectacular journey through time in the history of video games!! Accompany Bit Boy Kubi through a crazy pixellated adventure and battle hordes of nasty monsters in 4-bit dungeons, 8-bit caves, 16-bit strongholds, 32-bit labyrinths, 64-bit arenas and 128-bit worlds!! Rescue Kubi’s friends!! Set off in the ultimate pursuit of fruits and high scores!! Grab a friend for even more fun in Cooperative mode!! The Wii Remote is your joystick – let the arcade adventure begin!!

According to Media Create sales data, Dragon Quest IX sold 2,318,932 copies in just two days. That figure is much different than the rumored first day sales figure, but it’s still quite impressive. Media Create additionally reported that the game possessed an astounding 81.56% sell through rate. Dragon Quest IX is performing better than its predecessor and takes the crown for the best first week sales on the DS.

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