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This information comes from Satoru Iwata…

“We believe that, naturally, instant communication between the 3DS and a console in your home will become one topic in the future, but today I cannot talk about specifics regarding the kinds of things you can do in terms of connectivity between a 3DS and console.”

One aspect of 3DS to console connectivity one would expect is for Mii features – moving them between your systems. Overall, I hope that the feature is used more often than what we saw with the Wii and DS.


This information comes from Satoru Iwata…

“We don’t believe that the world is in a state where high priced software will sell well, so we don’t believe it will be in a price range too far off from current DS software.”

I’m expecting that Nintendo will price most of their games at around $40 or so. Although, the situation with third-parties could be a bit different. Square Enix in particular may charge around $45 for some of their titles.


– Masahiro Sakurai liked “Resident Evil Revelations. Also, Super Monkey Ball maintains 60 frames per second, so it’s extremely smooth.”
– Kid Icarus: Uprising playable for the first time at Nintendo’s conference
– Could play on stage 1 (easy) and stage 4 (hard)
– Could choose from 3 weapons
– First part of the first stage was in the air
– Second part had Pit on the ground
– Charge shot powerful in the air
– Gameplay changes to third-person shooting when on the ground
– Person playing the game thought the simultaneous movement and aiming of Pit’s view was difficult
– Boss at the end
– Player enjoyed the temp for the game’s close combat, can easily kill off enemies in succession
– Analogue pad for movement
– Evade attacks by pulling back on the analogue pad
– Aim with the touch screen
– Shoot with L
– Also do close range attacks with L
– Charge shot built up automatically
– Pointer gets bigger when it’s charged up
– For the first stage, there was fully voiced conversation between Pit and Goddess Palthena (mid-battle conversation)

This information comes from Masahiro Sakurai…

“I’ve been hearing a variety of opinions, but they’re more favorable than expected. However, I do feel the height of the threshold for the TPS genre, so I believe we’ll have to come up with some ideas for this. There were many opinions that aiming is difficult. We’re thinking of adding an assist feature for the final version. Also there have been some opinions that it’s difficult to move and aim at the same time. There are people who don’t like 3D, so we wont be putting in any devices that can only be cleared in 3D.”

Thanks to Thomas N for the tip!


“As part of the functionality of SpotPass, we’re looking into having automatic system updates via the internet.”

Although some firmware updates will be to improve on the piracy situation, players will mostly receive upgrades to obtain new functionality on the 3DS. According to Iwata, players haven’t enjoyed manually updating their systems, so this time around the 3DS will be able to update its firmware via the package software itself.

“We believed this to be doable because the usable ROM size for the 3DS would become much larger.”

Thanks to Thomas N for the tip!


“We progressed with actual development, and we’re currently getting ready for mass production, but we determined that it would be difficult to ready suitable numbers for a release within the year. Additionally, regarding the level of polish for the product, we thought that by setting the release date to what was announced today we’d be able to deliver it at levels that we found satisfactory.”

“We decided that it would be preferred to simultaneously deliver a highly polished product and to ready satisfactory quantities in order to not cause confusion in the market. It is true that this caused negative effects on this year’s earnings forecasts.”

“The price ratio between consoles and portables has been x until now, so it should remain the same for 3DS.”

“Of course, the lower the price the better. However, considering a number of factors such as materials cost, the health of the platform business, and the reaction post E3 as to how much value would be felt from the hardware once the functionality was understood, we felt that this price would be understood.”


– 3DS has NAND memory
– NAND memory mostly used for system purposes
– Downloaded content will load directly from the SD card
– Not like the Wii in which it’s copied over to internal memory first
– Players can switch to larger memory cards if needed
– Battery figures not shared
– Iwata expecting that the 3DS will be charged more often than the DS, which is why the cradle comes with the system
– Specs are high because they didn’t want developers to think “Because of the specs, we can’t make our game on the Nintendo machine”
– Powerful hardware was also needed to display 3D images
– Nintendo believes the DS’ power was impacting the way of fully exploiting some of its features
– Nintendo’s developers felt such things as “Tag Mode is interesting, but with the DS, this is the limit”
– Nintendo wants players to be able to pause games during gameplay as well, couldn’t be done with the DS’ specs
– Powerful hardware also needed for Augmented Reality


Shantae: Risky’s Revenge

– IGN review on Friday
– Craig says it’s a brilliant game
– Game has been done for about a month
– WayForward has been waiting for Nintendo to release it
– Coming out Friday
– One of the best DSiWare games
– If you like Castlevania and/or Metroid, you’ll like it

Cubic Ninja

– From AQ Interactive
– Action puzzle game
– Control a cube-shaped ninja
– Try to escape a mansion
– Need to deal with different traps, including breaking blocks and giant steel balls
– Tilt the 3DS system to control
– Mansion editor included
– Make your own mansions and exchange them with others
– Spring release

Shanghai 3D Cube

– Sunsoft game
– Follows the basics of Shanghai
– View the puzzle in 3D
– Cube layouts as well as pyramids and mahjong pieces
– Multiplayer
– Spring release


– From Gakken
– Education title
– Focuses on the Earth, outer space, and the world
– Will use the 3DS’ 3D functionality, high resolution, and accelerometer
– Summer 2011 release

Fish On

– From ASCII Media Works
– Fishing game
– Beautiful water graphics
– Move between points on the water in your boat
– Can fish from different points around the lodge
– Spring release


– From Climax
– Another entry in the driving action series
– Collaborating from Rocket Company
– Destruction important
– Race through the city to finish missions
– Spring release
– Announced at E3 as Crash-City GP


– From Rocket Company
– Customization
– Growth
– Collection/trading aspects
– Was announced at E3 as VS-robo