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A field test for Pokemon GO kicked off in Japan a couple of weeks ago. Those in Australia and New Zealand will be able to give the game a go “later this month,” according to developer Niantic.

If you’re in either one of these territories, you can sign up for the field test here. Keep in mind that doing so doesn’t guarantee access.


The Legend of Dark Witch 2 previously made its way to North America in mid-December. In Europe and Australia, the downloadable title will be available next week. Publisher Circle Entertainment confirmed a February 11 release date for PAL regions on Twitter earlier today.

The message is as follows:


The Pokemon Company will be distributing a whole bunch of Mythical Pokemon this year as part of the franchise’s 20th anniversary, starting with Mew next month. However, before that, Hoopa is still being distributed. Those of you in Australia and New Zealand can now get this Mythical Pokemon from the sixth generation of Pokemon games.

Head to JB Hi-Fi, EB Games or Big W if you’re in Australia or JB Hi-Fi or EB Games if you’re in New Zealand to get a serial code which gives you Hoopa. The distribution runs from January 18th till January 29th. Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are all eligible to receive Hoopa.


XSEED is handling Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale in North America. In PAL regions, it looks like that responsibility will fall with Marvelous.

A rating has popped up in the Australia ratings database for Return to PopoloCrois, and Marvelous is listed as the game’s publisher. We haven’t seen an official announcement yet, but this should mean that the title will be heading to Europe and Australia next year in addition to North America.


Story of Seasons was previously announced for release in Europe and Australia early 2016. It has now been confirmed that the game will come to Europe January 8th and Australia January 9th.


It was previously announced that Mario & Luigi would be launching in Japan on December 3rd, the title has now received a launch update for various regions. Nintendo of Europe will be releasing the game on December 4th, the day after the Japanese release. Nintendo Australia will be releasing the game on December 10th, the week after the Japanese release.

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Yo-kai Watch is launching earlier than expected in Australia and New Zealand. In these two territories, the RPG is due out on December 5.

Yo-kai Watch is coming to North America on November 6. The European release is still scheduled for 2016.


As of today, Club Nintendo is closed in all regions – except Australia and New Zealand. Due to performance issues on the website, Club Nintendo Australia will continue to operate until October 8th. You have until that date to spend your stars and claim your rewards in the Club Nintendo catalogue.

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The black standard-sized New Nintendo 3DS will be available in Australia and New Zealand from October 17th.


Story of Seasons has been out in the US for quite some time. Nintendo has now confirmed that the game will be released in Europe and Australia in Q1 2016.

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