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Platinum Games

Platinum Games has added an 8-Bit Bayonetta flash game to their 404 error pages.

How about you give it a try!


One of the Wii U’s most anticipated games of the year is almost upon us and some cool extra content is starting to surface for Bayonetta 2, this time in the form of concept art. We’ve embedded some of the art below, but be sure to check out the full range here

It’s that time again for the latest Bayonetta 2 developer blog, this time focusing in on co-operative play in the game. As always, we’ve included an excerpt and the full article can be found below

It goes without saying that there are co-op battles in the new Tag Climax co-op mode. However, there are also scenes in the story mode where you fight alongside A.I. controlled characters. These make for some really exciting battles, and are one of the cool new features Bayonetta 2 brings to the table. You can do crazy torture attacks together, and see some cool teamwork. Definitely keep an eye out for these scenes when you play the game.

Of course, actually getting this feature into the game was a serious challenge. A great example is Loki, a key character in the story of Bayonetta 2. You fight together with him in many battles throughout the game.

Check out the full article here