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Pokemon GO is receiving another update. Version 1.17.0 should be out shortly on iOS, while Android users will be at version 0.47.1.

The update primarily addresses a couple of things. Niantic fixed an issue where the Egg-hatching cut-scene animation would sometimes be briefly visible from the map view. Minor text fixes are implemented as well.


Marvelous just prepared a new update for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. When version 1.3 is applied, players will find two new marriage candidates: Stephanie and Woofio.

Here’s some footage of the two:

Other than the additions of Stephanie and Woofio, new events with the secret marriage candidate Inari have been added. Miscellaneous game balance adjustments are implemented as well.


The next update for Terria on 3DS is on the way, and it’s quite substantial.

As we heard about before, expanded worlds are coming to players on New 3DS. The team also fixed a number of issues/bugs and also brought it more in line with the PC version.

Here’s the full lowdown:

The 1.04 update is in submission with Nintendo. We’re hoping to be able to release the update globally by the end of November, but until the update clears Nintendo’s checks we won’t be in a position to project a date. The focus of the work for the milestone was stability and being able to offer Expanded Worlds to New 3DS owners, as we have previously communicated.

The stability round was obviously priority number one to those of you having issues. In our own testing we found the game to be almost always stable, but Terraria is a game that everyone plays differently and a minority of you were experiencing crash issues that were blighting your experience. We’ve worked very hard to put in global fixes for these kinds of issues, and along the way encountered some very odd edge cases. Rather than try and explain every issue, we’ve pulled out a few from a long list that you might find interesting:

GameXplain has posted some footage showing Miitomo’s new update. On top of that, we have the official announcement from Nintendo that goes into the new features. Both are included below.

Update: Here are some screenshots:

Original: Miitomo’s big November update has gone live. On both iOS and Android, users can download version 2.0.1.

The app is still undergoing maintenance, so you can’t physically boot up Miitomo currently. However, we do have the lineup of patch notes.

Here’s the rundown:

1. Send a message with a Mii!
You can exchange messages with your friends using Mii characters as messengers. Be sure to choose an expression that matches the message!

2. Customize your room to perfection!
Unleash your inner designer with wallpaper and flooring styles up for grabs through Miitomo Drop. You can even make in-app posters out of images saved on your device!

Back in September, it was revealed that Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden and One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum would be receiving special updates to allow for cross-play. We can now say this is now available for the two games.

After applying the update, Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden and One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum players can battle against each other. Online and local play are both supported.

One important note: Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden players can only choose characters from the Dragon Ball series, and vice versa for One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum.

View a trailer for the new cross-play feature in Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden and One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum below.


Niantic is getting the ball rolling on a new Pokemon GO update. The app is being updated to version 1.15.0 on iOS, and version 0.45.0 on Android.

The new Pokemon GO update encompasses three main areas. First, as we heard about recently, daily bonuses are coming to Pokemon GO. Also, when defeating a Gym Leader, a brief period will be in place in which only you can place a Pokemon in the open Gym. Finally, the amount of Prestige a rival Gym loses when you defeat a regular Gym member has increased while the amount of Prestige gained by training at a friendly Gym has been lowered.

Read up on Niantic’s official message after the break.

During its latest financial results briefing, Nintendo teased a major update planned for Miitomo. President Tatsumi Kimishima mentioned that the patch “will introduce a unique message feature that lets you use your Mii character’s facial expressions and voice to send any message you want in expressive one-on-one communication.”

The Japanese Miitomo Twitter account made its first mention of the new update a little while ago, teasing more features to come. Along with the messaging functionality, you’ll also be able to customize your room’s floor and wallpaper.

It’s unclear when exactly the Miitomo update is releasing. However, it’ll be arriving sometime soon.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s new update was explained in-depth during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct. As it turns out though, what was said during the presentation didn’t cover everything. Players on Reddit have been compiling a list of smaller tidbits Nintendo didn’t touch on.

For instance, it’s now possible to sit on rocks and floor cushions. Other additions include new fortune cookie items, NPC animations, customizable items, and more. Nintendo has also addressed some of the game’s glitches.

Head past the break for the full lineup of details.

Nintendo UK added a new interview to its website today centered around the new Animal Crossing: New Leaf update. General producer Katsuya Eguchi and Animal Crossing series producer Hisashi Nogami spoke about various topics, including why camper vans were chosen. You can read up on Eguchi and Nogami’s various comments below.