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Frozen: Olaf’s Quest a big sales success in the UK

Posted 3 days ago
By (@NE_Brian)

There’s a little 3DS and DS game out there that has been selling on a regular basis in the UK. That would be Frozen: Olaf’s Quest, which hit both platforms last year. It has remained in the UK charts since last December and currently sits at the 31st position in the UK All Formats chart.

Avanquests’ European games director Simon Reynolds told MCV of the game’s success:

“The success of Frozen was a bit of a surprise. We thought it’d do well. We’d done some decent movie licences before, such as Sony’s Hotel Transylvania and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. We thought this one was going to be maybe a little bit bigger as it was Disney, but nowhere near the stratospheric sales that we’ve experienced. Frozen is just the No.1 franchise out there. It’s massive. You can’t get away from it. When we first presented it to people, they were a bit sceptical. They saw that Planes and Wreck-It Ralph didn’t do brilliantly. But Frozen took on a life of its own quite frankly.”

You may also be somewhat surprised to hear that Frozen: Olaf’s Quest is selling more copies on the DS compared to Nintendo’s current-generation portable.

“We thought Frozen would be our last title on DS to be honest. Nintendo hasn’t been manufacturing the console for a few years, but we thought that there is a big user base our there, and there is a second hand, hand-me-down market for the old DS consoles. We launched Olaf’s Quest on DS and it’s still outselling 3DS. And we’ve got Disney’s next big film out in January, Big Hero 6, and we’re bringing that out on 3DS and DS. If you’d said to me 18 months ago you’d be bringing out a DS product in January 2015 I’d have laughed.”

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The Best of the Nintendo DS – Staff Opinions!

dsheadereba Posted 4 days ago
By (@Patricklous)

As our celebration of the Nintendo DS’ 10th birthday draws to a close, the Nintendo Everything staff got together to discuss the games we thought defined the console for us. You’ve probably noticed all the DS-centric listicles we’ve been posting over the last few weeks, but these were all user-voted so we didn’t exactly have much control over the games that made the list. So with that in mind we’re adding in our opinions on everything from the best soundtracks to the most disappointing titles, including a few games that didn’t make the original lists.

Each of the staff members contributing has their own unique gaming tastes and just so you know exactly who to argue with in the comments section, the guys who you’ll be hearing from in this article are:

Name: Brian
Site Role: The Leader of the Bunch, You Know Him Well

Name: Patrick
Site Role: Famicolumnist, Bought Too Many DS Games

Name: Austin
Site Role: Buster of Eggs, Veteran of the Review Crew

Name: Kirara
Site Role: The Radiant Reporter, Amiibo Aficionado



The Top 10 Third Party Nintendo DS Games

dsheader5 Posted 1 week ago
By (@Patricklous)

It’s hard to think of a Nintendo console in recent memory that had as much third party support as the DS. Sega, Capcom, Square-Enix, Atlus, XSEED and even Rockstar all supported the console with some of the finest games on the system. True, the popularity of the console also meant that store shelves were usually packed with garbage shovelware, but we’re not here to discuss those. Instead, let’s take a look at ten of the third party games that defined the Nintendo DS throughout its lifespan:



The Top 5 Most Under-Appreciated and Disappointing Games on the Nintendo DS

dsheader4 Posted 2 weeks ago
By (@Patricklous)

Like Fred Durst, our series of “Best of DS” lists keeps on rollin’ with a double feature of the top five most under-appreciated and disappointing titles on the console. Let’s start off with the good and recognise the games that might have scored well with critics, but fell under the radar for whatever reason.

Even though I’m happy with the games you guys picked, the “most under-appreciated” might also be the “most unnecessary” list, because how do you use a popularity contest to determine if something is the most under-appreciated? Of course, the deepest cuts were the ones that didn’t get enough votes to make the list so consider the real victors to be Bangai-O Spirits and Kira Kira: Pop Princess:


Dirty Harry game was once planned for Wii and DS

Posted 2 weeks ago
By (@NE_Brian)

The Collective, Inc. – in partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive – was once working on Dirty Harry/Dirty Harry Extreme. What we didn’t know is that separate versions were planned for Nintendo systems several years ago.

Unseen64 reports that Sensory Sweep Studios was developing Dirty Harry for Wii, DS, PS2, and PC. While the Wii version was never put into full production, it would have been an “up-port” of the PS2 release with IR pointer aiming and motion control for melee attacks. The DS version was intended to be built from the ground up.



Crash Tag Team Racing’s cancelled DS entry – images and details

Posted 3 weeks ago
By (@NE_Brian)

Crash Tag Team Racing was in the works for the DS back in 2005. Sensory Sweep was working on the project, which was intended to be as similar to the console versions as possible.

While Radical Entertainment provided Sensory Sweep with character models, the main artist decided to create his own models and textures from scratch. This is because characters would have looked boxy given how they would need to be reduced from thousands of polygons to a few hundred. Sensory Sweep also aimed to create tracks and their layouts based on the other versions.

The exact reasons behind Crash Tag Team Racing’s cancellation on DS are somewhat unclear. Even though only one or two months of development were required before completion, Sensory Sweep was apparently told by the publisher that the portable release would be cancelled as there were concerns about sales due to the imminent launch of Mario Kart DS. Questions have also been raised about Sensory Sweep’s management.

Crash Mania posted up some images of Crash Tag Team Racing for DS. You can find them above.



The Top 10 Nintendo DS Soundtracks

dsmusicheader Posted 3 weeks ago
By (@Patricklous)

Highlighting the best soundtracks on the Nintendo DS might just be my favourite entry in our month-long series of DS-related articles. Not because it’s easy to write about soundtracks after dropping music class in high school, but because it turned me on to all the best music on the console. Shout-outs are in order to whoever put down the DS game adaptation of the animated movie Robots, which is the only thing more forgettable than the movie itself. The soundtrack, however, happens to be this amazing synth pop score, which turned out to be composed by the developer of Escape Goat! Well anyway, Robots didn’t come remotely close to making the list, but here are the DS soundtracks that did:



The Top 6 DSiWare Titles

dsiware Posted 3 weeks ago
By (@Patricklous)

The big (only?) selling point of the DSi was the existence of DSiWare, a collection of downloadable games available for purchase. From cheap, simple titles like Pyoro and other re-released WarioWare games to larger titles that were a bit too niche for a retail release like Wayforward’s Mighty Flip Champs, there was a fair bit worth playing on the service, so I thought it was worth highlighting the best it has to offer – or at least the games you readers claimed to be the best. I personally have minimal experience with DSiWare, only discovering a handful of games through the 3DS eShop, which is why other editors, namely Austin, are giving me a hand in writing this up.

I had initially planned to do all these lists as a “top 10” since it’s the tenth anniversary of the Nintendo DS, but since the DSi has only been out for six years let’s streamline things a bit. Yes, that’s the reason that only six games are on it and not because there were only a few entries that completely dominated the poll.