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This month’s issue of EDGE contains a feature on No More Heroes. Of course, the article wouldn’t be complete without an interview with director Goichi Suda – otherwise known as Suda51.

Suda51 talked about a number of topics while speaking with EDGE. Some of his responses are more notable of others, such as him stating that Nintendo was supportive of the franchise despite its mature nature:

They were very supportive, especially Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe. In Japan and also in Europe, we released a lighter version, where the heads don’t fly like they do in the American version. The mature content was only in the American version.

Elsewhere in the interview, Suda51 mentioned that he’d eventually like to return to the No More Heroes series:

No More Heroes was a smash hit as far as we were concerned, and I wanted to return to it and to make it a series over which we would take great care. I often get asked to make a third game. Right now we’re busy with Let It Die, but Travis is a character we could even return to in ten years’ time. When the timing is right, I’d like to do so.


Toys “R” Us is holding a buy 1, get 1 40% off sale on all Wii U, Wii, 3DS, and DS games later this week. The deal will only be valid on Friday and Saturday. For this particular sale, you’ll need to head on over to your local store.


New Super Mario Bros. Wii has sold over 10 million units in North America, Nintendo has announced.

The company shared the news on Twitter a few minutes ago through the following message:

New Super Mario Bros. Wii launched back in November 2009. That means the game sold about two million units per year on average.


If you haven’t checked out “Honest Game Trailers” before, now’s your chance! Here’s one dedicated to Super Smash Bros.:

A couple of folks over at Sony shared some not-so-nice comments pertaining to Nintendo in recent interviews.

First, while speaking with Red Bull, Sony’s Fergal Gara said that the Wii “is a shadow of its former self.” Gara was reflecting on the future of the PlayStation 4 and appealing to a mass market.

Elsewhere in an interview with IGN, Sony Computer Entertainment America president/CEO Shawn Layden stated that he believes the PlayStation Vita offers the best portable gaming experience – even more so than what Nintendo is doing with 3DS.

“I believe that Vita is the best handheld gaming experience, full stop, period. Nothing comes close to that. You can talk about your mobile, you can talk about your tablet, you can talk about, you know, Nintendo platforms or what have you in the handheld space. I think, pound-for-pound, buck-for-buck, Vita is the best gaming experience you can have.”

GameStop’s Black Friday 2014 deals

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GameStop’s Black Friday 2014 ad has gone live.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of notable deals here. You can save $10 on Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric… but you’d probably be better off not buying the game at all.

In any case, you can find the Nintendo-related items from GameStop’s Black Friday ad above.


To be the main voice in a strange Japanese RPG that seemed fated for nothing but cult status in the west probably wasn’t the most notable credit on actor Adam Howden’s resume at the time of recording. Indeed, he did the beloved voice of Shulk in Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii – and by proxy, Smash Bros. – but has also lent his voice to things like Assassin’s Creed and The Old Republic, and it’s more or less chance that the 2011 (or 2012… or 2010, depending on your region…) ended up being his most renowned role, at least among the Nintendo-focused.

For some strange reason – being the talent that he is – Adam agreed to answer a few of our questions about Xenoblade, Smash Bros., and voice acting in general in an email interview we did. You can read all of what he had to say after the break!

horiccpikachu_1411121 horiccpikachu_1411122

Hori previously announced red and green Super Mario Bros. controllers that are made with Smash Bros. Wii U in mind. A yellow, Pikachu-themed controller is also in the works.

The Pikachu controller plugs into a Wiimote like the Mario Bros. versions. It will be compatible with Smash Bros. Wii U and features the turbo function with three speed settings.

The controller goes on sale in Japan on December 20. Pricing is set at 3,434 yen.


Famitsu brought us the surprising news yesterday that Rodea: The Sky Soldier is still in development. That’s despite the fact that the game was announced nearly four years ago. Rodea is still coming to 3DS, but it’s now heading to Wii U (the latter version also features the original Wii game that never released).

Earlier today, Famitsu posted an official about Rodea: The Sky Soldier. Along with several fresh screenshots, there are a few new details to read up on as well. You can find all of the latest content below.

– Begins on the floating continent of Garuda
– A curious girl named Ion discovers and reactivates Rodea in the ruins of Garuda
– Rodea is the legendary “Majin” machine soldier
– Was in a 1,000 year slumber
– Rodea lost his memory and is found with his right arm completely destroyed
– All that remains of his memory is a “fierce battle from the past” and “a girl with facial features similar to Ion”
– Rodea and Ion team up to fight against the machine empire of Naga
– Naga is approaching Garuda with the aim to capture the continent’s “Gravity Energy”


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