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Level-5 continues to promote The Snack World with yet another commercial for the game. Have a look at the latest ad below.

Atlus sent out more details and screenshots for Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology. Some of the information is a recap of what Famitsu recently covered, but has been expanded upon. We’ve rounded everything up below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Extra Dungeon: “Vault of Time”

– New element
– After you progress through a certain amount of the game, Lippti will request that you go the “Vault of Time”
– Can then visit the Vault of Time
– Extra dungeon where powerful enemies run rampant
– Can’t use items here
– Divided into a few areas
– The enemies become stronger the deeper into the dungeon you go, but the rewards are plentiful
– If you defeat an enemy in the Vault of Time, you can obtain “Moments”
– This is a special currency used only in the Vault of Time
– Can be exchanged for valuable items
– You can obtain items that cannot be purchased in ordinary shops and can only be obtained here, such as “Secret Books” to learn “Support Skills”


– Once again, this is new in the 3DS version
– Dunamis: ship piloted by Nemesia able to fly about a number of potential worlds
– Nemesia is searching for items called “Artifacts” that are key to stopping the continent’s desertification

Episode: “The Saint Speaks”

– Episode from the Sub-History story
– In a potential world of Alistel, Noah, the founding father and charismatic ruler, was giving an address
– Intel surfaces that someone from Heiss plotting to assassinate Noah has slipped into the castle
– It seems this may have a connection to the Artifacts Nemesia is looking for

Episode: “A Promise that Crosses Time”

– Episode from the Sub-History story
– In searching for Artifacts, Stocke and Nemesia visit a potential world of Granorg
– The two look for a certain pendant

Japanese business publication Toyo Keizai published an interview with Capcom president and COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto today (thanks to NeoGAF users CalmMind and zeromcd73 for the translation) . Among other things, the interview was about the Switch. Tsujimoto praised the system and its unique selling point – he talked about how his primary school-age daughter, who has never wanted a home console before, now wants a Switch. He also said that developing games that users want to play is crucial – in the DS & Wii era, third party developers were initially struggling with making compelling games that make use of a system’s unique features. Nintendo had to lead the way, essentially, and show other developers how to make games that fit the hardware.

Tsujimoto also briefly talked about Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers on the Switch. He stated that Capcom will think of how to support the Switch while observing how Ultra Street Fighter II does on the system. Of course, this could be interpreted in a lot of ways, though one would hope that the sales of a remake won’t be the only factor Capcom takes into consideration for their future support of the system.

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Accessory maker HORI has revealed the release dates for two major additions to its Switch line-up: both the Pro Controller and the arcade stick will be released in July this year.

The arcade stick is pretty standard fare and will cost 16,178 Yen. The Pro Controller, which will cost 3,218 Yen, is a bit more interesting. It’s quite a bit cheaper than the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, but that comes at the cost of losing some key features, such as the gyro sensor, HD rumble and the NFC scanner. It’s also not a wireless controller. However, one notable feature is its d-pad. You will have the ability to choose between a traditional d-pad and four separate directional buttons, like on the Joy-Con. The one you’re not using can be detached and stored on the back of the controller.



As can be expected from a game combining the Etrian Odyssey and the Mystery Dungeon series, Etrian Mystery Dungeon 2 offers some pretty in-depth customization options. The latest issue of Jump magazine revealed another such example – the subclass feature (thanks to Siliconera for the translation).

In addition to the primary class each character has, you will also be able to assign them a “subclass”.  This allows them to use skills from that class and gives them stat buffs. This can be used to enhance a character’s strength or compensate for their weaknesses. Jump magazine lists two examples: first up, a Landsknecht is a close-range combat specialist. However, by giving him the Runemaster subclass, he can now attack from range with a variety of elemental spells. The other example is a Hexer with a Paladin subclass. Hexers debuff enemies, but are normally pretty frail. However, thanks to the Paladin subclass, they can take a few more hits and are able to wield shields.


Once again, some new Dragon Quest XI features have been revealed via Jump magazine (thanks to Siliconera for the translation). This time, it’s stuff you’ll be able to do to take your mind off all the monster-slaying and dungeon-diving. There’s a casino in the game where you can gamble and play all kinds of games – from slots and roulette to horse racing.

You will actually get to ride the horses yourself instead of just betting on them. Navigate through an obstacle-ridden course and you might be able to earn fantastic prizes. Naturally, there are also more traditional casino games like poker, roulette and slots. Special tokens won at these games can also be exchanged for prizes.


Fire Emblem Heroes will be having an update on May 29th in preparation for a planned update in June. The update will last for approximately three hours (4:00 – 7:00 PM PST) and players will be unable to play during this time.

The official ARMS Twitter showed off some images of the rock, paper, scissors relationship between guarding, grabbing and punching. Check out the images below.



Another DLC pack for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia gets a trailer, this time it is for the undaunted heroes pack. Check out the short trailer below.

The Great Ace Attorney 2 is featured in this week’s issue of Famitsu with some new coverage. Specifically, the magazine covers the game’s second case. Read the latest information from Famitsu below, courtesy of Court Records.

– The victim of this case was a fellow lodger staying in the Garridebs’ apartment like Souseki
– The two were known to get into arguments over the finer points of Shakespeare
– Souseki made the tea that seems to have poisoned the victim
– When Souseki found his body, he was arrested
– Souseki insists the place is cursed, which is part of what gets Holmes to take the case
– Dusting for fingerprints is in the game by way of some of Holmes’ inventions
– Decago is one of the witnesses in the trial
– Ryuunosuke spots him during the investigation trying to peer into the flat (which is impressive given the windows are bricked up)
– At the AA 15th anniversary concert, a video showing motion capture for a tap-dancing character was shown
– The article mentions that this case takes place “before Souseki returns to Japan”

As a small aside, we’ve attached some new art for The Great Ace Attorney 2 below.


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