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“Every female character in our games is as attractive as possible, both inside and out. There has to be something attractive. But as long as we provide that in the one place – the inside – that’s what’s important with this game.” – Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayashi

Gamers familiar with Team Nina’s games are probably aware of how some of the women are portrayed in the company’s games. In the case of Metroid though, it’s for the best that the developers are taking a more conservative approach


Nintendo Power’s review of The Conduit was revealed a few weeks ago, which was the first score to be released. Now the UK Official Nintendo Magazine has provided their own review of the title. ONM praised the game for its “varied, enjoyable weaponry” and “darting, nippy plot pacing.” At the same time, the publication believes The Conduit suffers from repetitiveness and a “dodgy grenade mechanic.” Ultimately, ONM gave the score a 76% (out of 100%) and said that the game is “Nowhere near classic status, but this is a welcome companion to Metroid Prime: Corruption.”

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Los Angeles, CA – June 4, 2009 – The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) today closed the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 Expo) and announced that the 2010 E3 Expo will take place from June 15-17, 2010, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Over the course of the 2009 E3 Expo, more than 41,000 attendees from 78 countries viewed hundreds of new products and developments from 216 exhibitors.

The 2009 E3 Expo was designed to better meet the needs of exhibitors and attendees by focusing on value, while maintaining the excitement and energy that fuels the $22 billion U.S. marketplace for computer and video game entertainment.

Shigeru Miyamoto has released a bunch of details relating to Zelda Wii, Pikmin 3, and more.

– New Zelda game set in different era
– Reconfirmed that Link is older than he was previously, more towards adulthood
– NOT holding a sword in art shown at round table
– Story progression is “something completely different”
– “I think we do this with Mario and Zelda as well. When we are working on the plans for them, we are trying to come up with ways where we can satisfy our longtime fans and bring new players into the franchises as well. That’s something we’re always looking at. However, when I get involved in a title, I focus a lot on more experience and the more advanced gameplay elements. If I get into it, there’s a tendency for difficulty levels to ramp up so that’s something I really have to watch for myself to make sure that I don’t do that.”
– Miyamoto understands graphics expectations of Zelda Wii
– Basics of Pikmin 3 done, now team has to go in and fill the game out
– Interested in making a game with 2 remotes with MotionPlus
– Puppet team “still wants to work on” Mario puppet game

“It [Metroid] is not compatible with the Wii MotionPlus. One of our major goals with this game is beautiful game design and as we were progressing through development we discovered that it [MotionPlus] was actually not working with what we were shooting for. Once you get your hands on a demo and really experience it for yourself, you should understand what I’m talking about.”

In some cases, MotionPlus simply won’t do anything to enhance gameplay. It’s not a huge deal that Other M will not support the peripheral since it doesn’t seem to be necessary.


Wii Sports Resort videos

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More videos here

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Last night, Nintendo announced that Japan would soon see the release of the black Wii and red DSi. But what about North America? According to Reggie Fils-Aime, the company has no plans of bringing either product overseas – At least for now.

“We don’t have anything to announce for the U.S. on either of those products. We know that it will be reacted to quite positively in Japan.. but no news for the Americas markets for those two products.”There’s a difference between showing different colors and making the product announcement that new colors are coming. We have shown a plethora of colors in the past for the Wii. We have shown a wide range of colors for the DS. From an Americas perspective, colors do drive the business. We’ve shown that, for example, with the lighter blue DSi that we thought was a nice complement to the black. So there will be more colors for various hardware.”

Also, Hidden away in Nintendo’s E3 list of upcoming Wii games was a confirmed time frame release for Capcom’s Monster Hunter 3. The list stated that the game will be arriving in North America in March 2010. Fils-Aime additionally commented about the launch of the title in Japan which will coincide with the appearance of the black Wii.

“In the end, for us, it’s all about: how do we time it? How do we leverage it, ideally with software? In Japan, linking [the black Wii] with the launch of Monster Hunter Tri [from Capcom] is why that announcement was made and why that’s being positioned as it is.”

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It’s no secret that Nintendo is always working on new hardware to release into the market. But according to Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata, the company’s next console may be further along than one would think and will of course be a followup to Nintendo’s current system. Iwata told Bloomberg that once developers begin to say that improvements to games can no longer be made for Wii, then the Big N will be ready to bring out its next console. As things stand now, however, Iwata noted that “None of our developers is making that kind of complaint.”

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A possible release for Modern Warfare 2 on Wii wasn’t looking too promising after it was noticed that the game was missing from both an online retail listing and was absent from the title’s official website. However, Spanish website Revogamer claims that the game can still be expected. In spite of the fact that Activision has yet to provide an official confirmation, the site has apparently learned that a Wii edition is in the works. We’ll see if this pans out in due time, but until then, consider this a rumor.

Fish’em All! for WiiWare arrives in America next Monday 8th June

Barcelona, 4th June 2009.

Fish’em All! for WiiWare, America release date

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